Simple tips to help you stay safe when out at night

Our own personal safety can often be overlooked, with many of us thinking 'it won't happen to me'. We've pulled together some simple tips to help you stay safe and alert...

by Laura Kingston

Plan before you go out… 

  • Don’t forget this useful phrase and think about it before you leave the house: ‘Keys, cash, phone and plans to get home.’ 
  • Make sure that your Uber app is up-to-date and your bank card is linked. Add a couple of taxi numbers to your phone too in case of emergencies. 
  • Arrange to meet your friends in a safe place. Preferably inside rather than on the street. 
  • Make sure that you let a friend, partner or your parents know where you are going.
  • Stash some cash in your bag in case you lose your purse (or buy too many rounds of shots).


Stay alert when you’re out…

  • Never leave your drink unattended.
  • Look around you and be aware of what’s going on.
  • Leave a situation if you start to feel uncomfortable.
  • If you accept a drink from someone, don’t leave them at the bar unattended – keep an eye on your drink.
  • Know your limits and always stay in control.

Try to avoid walking alone at night, but if you do, do it safely…

  • Try to never walk alone. 
  • Always keep to well-lit areas and use main roads and paths.
  • Walk towards the traffic.
  • Never take shortcuts down dark alleys or through parks.
  • If possible, call someone on your phone and talk to them while you’re walking – keep letting them know where you are.
  • Consider carrying a personal alarm or loud whistle – just in case.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings – don’t wear headphones.
  • Never accept a lift with a stranger or someone you don’t know very well. Get an Uber or a reputable taxi instead.