Can these Mind Cards reduce stress and burnout?

Developed by London-based therapist Lili Sinclair-Williams, this pack of cards is designed to help us build the habit of making positive changes every day to take back control of our happiness.

What are mind cards?

 When we are feeling stressed or heading towards burnout, our physical and mental wellbeing can be one of the first things we sacrifice. After finding herself in this position herself, Lili Sinclair-Williams quit her career in television and created Mind Cards. The pack of 45 cards is designed to encourage us to take 10 minutes out of our day to build positive habits and take stock of where we are in our lives.

How do they work?

The cards are divided into five categories – Kindness, Ritual, Gratitude, Journal and Reflection. Choose a card at random every day and take time to carry out the action for ourselves. As a trained cognitive hypnotherapy coach, Lili has considered the benefits of each category in order to raise our self-awareness, emotional intelligence, confidence and self-esteem. 

Can 10 minutes a day really help us create the life we want? 

Whilst this little pack of cards can’t work miracles, we can definitely see the huge impact they have on helping us to become aware of where we are in life and what changes we can make to become the best version of ourselves. Lili also sells an e-book called ‘Getting to Know You’ which is full of exercises to help us get to know ourselves better and importantly, what changes we might need to make to be the happiest version of ourselves. 


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