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Get your mojo back post-Christmas

Lacking motivation after the Christmas and New Year festivities? These top tips will help you get your mojo back.

Written by High Life North
Published 03.01.2020

By Nicki Cawood

Get your mojo back post-Christmas!

After a week or two of diving into boxes of chocolates, living in your PJs and generally being free of obligations and deadlines, getting back into the swing post-Xmas can be hard! You are not alone in this so don’t panic. These tips can help you find your post-Christmas mojo.

Get dressed and put away Christmas

The decorations may be away but we’d bet that there is post-Christmas clutter to contend with, you haven’t been properly dressed for days and your footwear choices have been limited to puppy slippers or fluffy socks. Before you do anything else, take a shower, get into an outfit that makes you feel good, put perfume and make-up on if desired and you will be primed and ready to get your post-Christmas mojo back.

Look back before you forge forward

You need to put 2019 to bed before you can properly embrace 2020. Grab a notebook and sit up at a desk. Write down all of your 2019 successes and anything you weren’t so happy with and would like to change. This information will help you plan for a happy and successful 2020.

Make plans to get your post-Christmas mojo back

You know what didn’t work last year and you know what did. Now you need to use those notes to make plans and to set goals. These are not New Year resolutions that you set knowing that by mid-January you will have abandoned them. These are goals that matter. They will help you boost your business. They will enhance your work-life. They will make you happy. Set SMART goals and get your deadlines into your planner/diary or onto your calendar. Set reminders on your phone. Know what you want out of 2020 and go after it.

Sorry, you need to drink more

Step away from the mulled wine. You need to drink more water. I can hear your groans but you know I’m right. Dehydration makes us sluggish, lacking in energy and motivation, what motivation. You don’t need to hit 1st January and aim for six gym sessions a week and gallons of water but make a start. Drink more water, go for a walk and generally shake the cobwebs up a bit.

Motivation boosters

If you’re still lacking in motivation, the Ted Talk videos haven’t inspired you and your post-Xmas Mojo is missing, you might need a little help. You need some accountability. Join a coworking group, work from the library or a coffee shop with a coworker or fellow freelancer. Ask someone to be your accountability partner. Find someone you have to check in with to show that you’ve done what you said you would do. Once you start ticking items off your to-do list there will be no stopping you.

How do you get yourself out of a funk? What helps you get your post-Christmas mojo back?

About the Author

  Nicki Cawood is a Yorkshire-based freelance copywriter and founder of the Thirsk Coworking Group.
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