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How to pick a Personal Trainer

The festivities are over, we are full of Christmas turkey and feeling a bit fragile. January marks the start of a new year, and one of the most popular traditions is to get fit and healthy...

Written by High Life North
Published 03.01.2020

By Charlotte Cooper

What are the benefits? 

A lot of us have probably tried this in the past and given up relatively early because we don’t quite see the progress we had expected. We endlessly drag ourselves to the gym and eat what we think are the right foods, but nothing seems satisfactory.

The rise of the personal trainer is possibly what a lot of women have been missing in their exercise routine. A PT is not just someone you pay to show you how to exercise correctly; they are also there to keep you motivated, on track for success as well as helping you reach your goals sooner. The only question a lot of women wonder is: ‘How do I pick a personal trainer?’

Credentials: Like with anyone we want to hire to get a job done correctly, we want to make sure that the person we are investing our time and money into is legitimate. A PT should have, and be willing to show you, their certificate(s) of expertise.

Experience: As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and this is the case when looking for your ideal man or woman. Importantly, workout knowledge goes hand in hand with dietary awareness so your chosen PT should be willing to talk to you about this too.

Personality: This is something a lot of people overlook when they are hunting down their next gym motivator. It is essential to hire a person who understands what you want out of the relationship; are they going to be hard-hitting and mean talking to get your legs moving or are they going to shower you with positive reinforcement?

Specialities: Corresponding with credentials, is the importance of where their skills lie. If you want to hire a personal trainer for fat loss, then there is no point hiring someone who specialises in marathon runner training. The more passionate the PT is about something, the more knowledge and advice they can share with you to help you reach your goals

Availability: So, you think you may have found the ‘one’, your friends recommend them, and they have ticked all your boxes so far. However, they are so popular that they don’t have any availability that matches your schedule. Consistency is vital when it comes to picking a PT, especially because exercising now and again is not going to help you reach your goal. Of course, popularity is great, but it is no good if they are always booked up.

Cost: the all-important factor that a lot of people have about hiring a personal trainer is the amount of money it will cost them. Rates will vary massively, but it is essential to have a budget in mind before you start booking in your first session. Often personal trainers understand that not everyone can afford a 1-1 programme and so they offer group sessions of semi-solo classes.

Society is continuously on at us to invest in ourselves, and this includes investing in our health and fitness. Most of all, it is essential always to feel comfortable with your PT and the sessions they are putting you through, after all, you are paying for their service, which you can easily take elsewhere.

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