Avoid scams – how you can safely donate to Australia’s bushfire crisis

Written by High Life North
Published 10.01.2020

Will your money make an immediate difference?

Probably not, no. Charities that receive a high influx of unexpected donations are unlikely to be able to process them fast-enough – and undertake all of the necessary security checks – for the money to be used immediately. However, don’t let that put you off donating. Medium to long-term support is essential for the recovery of the people, animals and environment who will be suffering long after the media coverage of this crisis ceases. 

Where can you safely donate, avoiding some of the online scams?

Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery – emergency assistance and the charity which will probably spend your donation fastest, supporting emergency services and helping at evacuation centres. 

WIRES – providing support to wildlife and animals who have been injured in the fires and are suffering from starvation, burns and dehydration. 

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal –  makes grants to local not-for-profit groups for community-led projects that address the most pressing needs that emerge 12-18 months after a disaster event.

St Vincent de Paul Societyhelping with short term problems like reducing hunger and providing essentials and the longer-term including helping families move back into their homes.

NSW Rural Fire Service – supporting local fire brigades. 

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