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Want to freshen up your home but don't have the budget to re-decorate? Beverley Park is an expert at 'shopping her own home' to make your space feel completely different - at no cost!

Written by High Life North
Published 17.01.2020

By Beverley Park

So you want to freshen up your home on a budget?

Christmas is over, maybe you didn’t exactly stick to a budget, or the January sales are on but it’s just too soon to face the shops again but… the house now feels bare, you want to shake and freshen things up when shopping isn’t an option.  Well, you can still achieve this without even leaving your home or parting with hard-earned money.

Here are a few options for shopping your own home:

Start with the obvious or not so obvious and move things around. 

I’m not just talking a different angle of your sofa or where the table goes although this does work when you want a small change, I’m talking more along the lines of looking at all your furniture around your entire house and repositioning it for a more impactful change.  Maybe you have a lounge chair in the living room and a snug chair in your bedroom.  Maybe you have bedroom furniture which you still love but would look just as welcoming in the guest bedroom for your weekend guests.  Moving and repositioning large pieces of furniture is a great way of achieving that sense of new and different when you walk into a room.

Unloved items, we all have them.

The things you’ve stuffed into a cupboard because you no longer have space, you never got round to using or worse still you forgot even buying.  Get them all out and see how you could use them.  A great idea here is work surfaces.  We often display the same kitchen gadgets, why not switch them around or move the same old to out of sight and bring the unloved out.   

Painting or staining is such a great way to revamp existing furniture.

Get the paint out and get crafting, so many helpful videos on YouTube to help get it right. You can also paint accessories such as books if your wanting a particular colour scheme but the books don’t look right, if done carefully the books will still be in perfect condition but match your style and theme.  If like me the TV unit didn’t really match, paint it.  Top Tip – do one coat at a time, you can never tell how dark something is when it’s wet and removing paint is a painful job.  

Change photos in photo frames.

Sounds simple but it’s so easy to create new interest in a sideboard or dressing table with the same frames but new photos.  Maybe keep 2-3 photos to hand and make the effort to rotate them.

Changing displays in dressers, kitchens, office/work stations and dining rooms is such a great and fun way to revamp something. 

Start by taking down all of the styling items you have from all of the rooms in your home and really consider what and how you use them. Literally shop your own pieces and take advantage of creating something new with all the beautiful things you already have.   

Use up that leftover paint and paint pot samples. 

The developer, the wannabe interior designer, the homemaker – we are all guilty of having an unused collection of paint. Why not use them?  Depending on the paint type you could give a room a lick of new paint, push the boundaries try something new, brighten up a cupboard door that’s started to look a little tired, or a self that would look much better if a different colour.  Gloss the tired exposed floorboards you want to tile just not yet or maybe add a two-tone colour theme to your stair handrail.  Let your paint leftovers inspire you.

Finally, Artwork is such a powerful change especially if it’s a statement piece, large in size or sentimental to look at. 

Try moving pieces around, the artwork will catch the light differently and it will influence the feel of a room or how you position furniture and accessories.  Special artwork can make a bold or subtle statement to any room.

I honestly could go on, the lists are endless with what you could do with your own home with all the beautiful things you already have.  The best part of all is, shopping your home means you don’t have to go out, it doesn’t cost a penny and you can faff and restyle till your heart’s content.  Once you start will anything ever remain in ‘that spot’ again…    

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