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The benefits of de-cluttering your workspace

Clutter is inevitable, it's how we manage it that counts! A tidy desk really does mean a tidy mind, so our expert in residence on all things workspaces, Becky Stanton, helps us get started...

Written by High Life North
Published 17.01.2020

By Becky Stanton

The benefits of decluttering your workspace

Clutter is inevitable.

Unless you’re fully embracing the minimalist movement and you’ve donated all your belongings to charity, your workspace will become cluttered every now and then. And that’s absolutely fine!

What’s key is how you manage clutter. The first step is to be more mindful of what clutter is and how it directly impacts your mind and body. As clutter is more than just a slight annoyance or something to trip over.

What is clutter?

I believe that clutter is anything that doesn’t add value or provide any support to your life. It’s anything that you have no passion for, or that you feel is mediocre or beige, or has no practical role in the gorgeous life you live.

For a workspace, I take this one step further and believe that workspace clutter is anything that doesn’t add value and support your business success or your role as a successful business person!

Managing clutter is about being intentional with your belongings. Anything that doesn’t create those emotions and feelings you want to feel working, can be categorised as clutter and doesn’t deserve a place in your workspace. Simple!

Why is clutter bad?

You don’t always consciously “see” clutter, as you can get used to seeing it and no longer focus on it being there. But your brain is a beautiful thing and unconsciously it “sees” everything. It is constantly processing information, including what surrounds you.

So when you sit in a cluttered place, your mind will become busier and more chaotic with information as there is so much to process.

As your mind becomes distracted, this affects your focus on other matters. Concentrating on work becomes more difficult and more energetically draining as your senses are heightened by “stuff” around you. There is less capacity for limitless thinking and creativity, and you will find yourself being more reactive and poorly motivated.

Being around clutter long-term has been suggested to negatively impact mental well-being and stress. People feel out of control, unable to hold their attention, delay decisions and choices, have physical weight gain, more accidents and it even affects their sleep patterns.

How decluttering can help…

 If you have big plans for 2020 and you want minimal distractions, start with decluttering and detoxing your office and desk. Because a tidy desk does help support a tidy mind!

Follow these 3 steps to get started and create your dream Work Sanctuary:

Spend some time working through everything in your space and asking yourself this simple question:

“Does this add any value to my work?”

To help with this question, you can also spend some time becoming really clear about how you want to feel in your workspace. It may be feelings of creativity, happiness, inspired, effective, focused, calm, joyful or in control. Once you have connected with how you want to show up, clearing your clutter physically will become a little easier.

NOTE – I would suggest sorting through paperwork at the end. This can be draining due to the conscious effort required to read through each document and sort.

Once you have removed clutter from your space, it’s important to create organisational solutions so that you know where things are, such as filing papers, storing books and organising stationery.

This avoids time looking for items and supports your overall effectiveness, as well as being pleasing and efficient to your mind’s eye!

Create decluttering habits to maintain a clean and tidy space.

At the end of every working day, tidy your desk and prepare for the next day. At the end of your working week, complete step one again and remove or store away anything that does not directly support your forthcoming week.

What benefits will you experience?

You will feel an instant mood and thought transformation in a clean and tidy space. You will feel greater clarity, increased focus, less procrastination and dilly-dallying, and more joy in your working day!

If you don’t have a dedicated office or desk space, these principles can still apply to support your working experience. Whether you work in a co-working space, on your home kitchen table or a desk in your bedroom, the key is to be intentional with what you surround yourself with. Clear any clutter and only allow items into your ‘Work Sanctuary’ that support your mind to be creative and inspired.

Remember – your workspace is a reflection of you and your beautiful mind!

About the author

Becky helps business owners create their ‘Work Sanctuary’ at home for greater effectiveness, purposeful working and intentional success. She specialises in re-aligning your personal energy with your home energy for a holistic business strategy. Becky also has a weekly blog and free resources on her website
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