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Six self-help books to try

We love a bit of personal development at HLN, because there's always room for growth, right? Here are our six current favourites...

Written by High Life North
Published 22.01.2020

By Beverley Park

If you haven’t read a self-help book then I encourage you to try.  We’ve pulled together six that we think are great options to get started. 

They all approach inner growth in different ways but there’s something to learn from all of these lovely authors with their inspiring stories, techniques and theories.

Inspiration to take on challenges

This book is so much more than a book about a lady who decided to run a marathon.  It’s the lovely Bryony Gordon who, despite her crippling and complex mental health challenges set herself a goal, and started in a pair of old trainers and her daughter’s tippy cup and ran to the end of the street.  This book will inspire you to take on challenges you think are too big, too complex and out of reach.  It will confirm that physical exercise of any kind can help overcome a range of emotions and health challenges.  It will also confirm by surrounding yourself with the right company, with a zest for life, you can achieve anything, you can also enjoy the journey.  Oh, and there is no way you can read this book and not laugh – properly belly laugh! Enjoy.

A life-changing must-read

It still surprises me how many people haven’t read this book!  It’s an absolute must for everyone. The Secret explains the methodology, approach and benefits of the Law of Attraction. You can literally manifest anything you want. Definitely a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’.  I urge you to read this book and/or watch the documentary on Netflix.  What you want isn’t far away at all.

A self-help classic

Following a lot of research, this book explains what causes women to become overthinkers, providing concrete strategies that can be used to escape these negative thoughts, move to higher ground and live more productively.  It’s a self-help classic.

The straight-talking, manifesting Queen

Noor is the manifesting Queen.  The best part is she’s written a book to share her secrets of how to manifest the life you want.  She shares her personal story on how, through the power of thoughts and a deep connection with the universe, has created the exact life she wanted for herself and her family. 

For those needing confidence in business 

Frightened of not getting it right so maybe you shouldn’t start? It’s sometimes difficult to remember that everyone gets things wrong, no-one is perfect at something new straight away, but we still we often strive for immediate perfection and feel disappointed or embarrassed with anything less. The author Rob Moore, shares the quickest most direct way to ‘perfection’ is to start now and improve on the way.  Been waiting to start something? Read this. 

For those with food struggles

If you’ve ever struggled with diets, food and body-image, this one is for you. Imagine how much more we could get done, and how much happier we would be if we weren’t so consumed with negative thoughts about food, our weight and our bodies? This book helps to change our mentality around food, giving readers the tools to effortlessly reach their perfect weight and feel free around food. 

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