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So, what is brow lamination?

Everyone's talking about it, but what exactly is it? We found out from the best 'floofers' in Newcastle, Skullen Collective...

Written by High Life North
Published 31.01.2020

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a new technique which is all about setting all your individual hairs the same way to give the illusion that you have fuller and thicker brows. It’s non-invasive and is all about enhancing what you’ve already got. Even if you think you don’t have very thick brows,  you’ll be surprised at how thick they end up looking. 

What is the difference to something like micro-blading or tattooing? 

It’s a cheaper alternative for a start. Although it doesn’t last as long. It also looks very natural and by using products like brow soap you can change them to make them look large and full or more relaxed. 

How long does it last?

A full hair cycle which is about 6-8weeks. 

How much does it cost?

Skullen charges £40 which includes the lamination, tint and wax. 

What’s the process?

Step 1: Cleanse eyebrows

Step 2: Apply perming solution and brush brows up in the same direction. Apply cling film and wait 5 mins.

Step 3: Remove the cling film and leave for 5 mins then do the fixation process. Again, this involved brushing all of the hairs in the same direction and leaving with cling film on for 5 mins.

Step 4: Our favourite – the waxing and tinting really bring your brows to life. 

Step 5: Use a brow soap to set (Skullen use their own brand which comes in three different shades). 

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