Coronavirus – how could it affect you?

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Elizabeth Lucy

By Elizabeth Lucy

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new disease that can make us sick, with symptoms ranging from mild flu-like symptoms to more serious complications like breathlessness or pneumonia. It is very infectious so we have to take care to not spread it, therefore practising good hand hygiene is essential. You might have heard of ” catch it, bin it, kill it” before, this is really important as nobody wants to breathe in someone else’s sneeze in a supermarket! 

We don’t know a lot about this virus just yet, but we do know it can be spread by droplets at the very least. You could also contract it from touching a contaminated surface and then touching your face, so that’s why it’s really important to always wash your hands. 30 – 45 seconds with soap and water is ideal, I keep a couple of hand sanitizers (minimum 70% alcohol) in my car and handbag too, just in case I can’t get to a sink. 

There’s lots of new data and research emerging every day on this new infectious disease and I share a daily discussion over on my YouTube channel and health improvement posts on my Instagram if you want to see more in-depth health chats. You can also follow Public Health England for more information and travel advice.  

The UK government anticipates this could become quite widespread, so being prepared for some disruption could help you later. It is anticipated that large gatherings could be cancelled, schools and businesses could be affected, even our local supermarkets could be affected if lots of people are off sick. I made a video on my preparedness shopping list just in case that happens, don’t forget your extra pet food! 

Most importantly don’t panic. Plus, stress is no good for your immune system! Working together we can try to limit the impact on our daily life. Some final tips; stay home if you are sick, you don’t want to pass this on as not everyone will get mild symptoms. Don’t go to your GP if you think you have it, call 111 for assessment. If you have been told to self isolate, please take that seriously as containing the spread is best for everyone and top up on a few extra supplies to save you having to go to the supermarket.”

Elizabeth is a qualified epidemiologist and Public Health specialist, she shares health improvement content on her socials to help people live a healthier life. 

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