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Crystals are huge right now – and here’s why…

It’s safe to say that crystals are going to be a BIG DEAL in 2020. So many women are already indulging in the powers of crystals, and there’s a very interesting reason why.

Written by High Life North
Published 06.03.2020

By Becky Stanton

The power of crystals

 A crystal is simply a solid material with a particular structure.  A diamond and even table salt is a crystal, but some crystals are said to have healing powers.

If we take a step back here, there is a universal truth to acknowledge. Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy. It’s scientifically proven that everything in our life is made of atoms, and atoms are energy.

Next consider that energy is not still, it is moving continuously, but at different levels, or ‘vibrations’. Therefore, every energy has a different vibration. For example – when you feel so happy you could burst, you have a high vibrational frequency. But when you feel low or saddened, your vibrational frequency is lower.

We are energy, and energy is fluid and changeable. We use crystals to align our energy with the energy we desire, as each crystal has a particular vibrational energy of their own.

 The best way to choose crystals is to physically touch them and connect with the feelings and vibrations they create. 

High Life North’s top 5 crystals

Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love

Rose Quartz is the love stone, perfect for moments of self-love and compassion, or when you want to feel the pure love of life.  Great for self-esteem, confidence and releasing feelings of stress, tension or anger.

Citrine – Abundance & Happiness

Citrine is great for motivation, concentration and revitalising the mind. Ideal for the office to help support amplifying personal power and self-confidence in your career.

Black Tourmaline – Energy Bodyguard

This crystal can re-energise you, as it is grounded in the Earth’s energies. It is well known for purifying energy and repels and blocks negative energy – like a bodyguard. Great for meditation and to keep around the home for a light and positive vibe.

Clear Quartz – Master Healer

Clear Quartz amplifies the connection with ourselves and our higher self in a spiritual context. Great for a beginner’s crystal to explore this new energetic world.

Tiger’s Eye – Inner Strength & Confidence

This crystal is your confidence booster and is used as a protection stone for good luck. Great for personal situations that require clarity and focus, unclouded by emotions like fear and anxiety.

How do you use crystals?

Although crystals are frequently used to hold and align with the energy, there are so many ways you can use crystals in your everyday life:

Meditation – Hold crystals in your hands or, if lying down, place on your energy centres and chakras.

Your Home – Your bedroom, your workspace, your reading nook and even your bathroom.

Bath – Adorn crystals around your bath tub as you enjoy a self-care moment.

Wear Around Your Neck – purchase crystal jewellery as a necklace to keep your crystal close by.

Carry Day-To-Day – Place in your pockets, in your bra or up your sleeve! Anywhere that means your crystal is with you all the time.

Travelling – Take with you as you travel on planes and explore the world for a positive travelling experience.

 You can choose as many crystals as you like, big or small, and have them placed in as many places as you like. There are no rules, other than what feels right for you.

Depending how openly you want to showcase your crystal practices, you can have them on full display or closely hidden away.

How do you choose the right crystals?

 There are over two thousand crystals to choose from, so focus on the intention you desire.

Connect with WHY you desire the support of crystals.  What emotion, feeling, or desire is calling you? What is going on in your life where you are seeking support and guidance?

Whether it’s a busy week and you’re seeking calm, you feel confused and are seeking clarity, or you desire more focus, motivation and achievement in your goals, there will be a crystal for you.

Be clear on what the intention is and this will help you in choosing the right crystal for you.

Source Responsibly

Ensure that the crystals you purchase are ethically sourced.  Although crystals are not registered as a Fair Trade Product, check the ethics standards to ensure that you are not contributing to any environmental or labour issues. That would be bad karma indeed!

Shopping Guide

If you want to get your crystal collection started but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve found some of our favourite crystal pieces on the market to give you a hand.

Go bold with this stunning geode ornament – the perfect way to incorporate your crystals into your home décor.

Keep your healing powers flowing even during your morning coffee with these beautiful white agate coasters, known for calming and cleansing energy – ideal to start your day with a morning coffee. 

Never be without your rose quartz again with this amazing Missoma necklace. Looks elegant on and brings your unconditional love? You can’t go wrong.

Love the idea of having crystals placed around your home to keep it zen but not sure what to start with? This handy Crystal Kit will make sure you have all bases covered, along with a helpful guide on where to keep each one for the best energy.

Keep your favourite crystal with you on the go with this amazing healing quartz water bottle. The perfect way to do your bit for the environment and keep yourself balanced.

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