By Bekki Ramsay

Last month at High Life North, we were celebrating modern love. And whilst the word ‘love’ may make romance spring to mind, we’re also want to celebrate a different kind of love that gets your fires burning and butterflies in your stomach – a passion for something!

This article is an ode to Kate Rose – the owner and designer – of the contemporary jewellery and lifestyle brand, Tutti & Co. Each piece is designed by Kate who uses the stunning North East coastline as her main source of inspiration. Once her natural surroundings spark a concept, she sketches up the conscious design before creating a full collection design.

On a personal level, myself, my mum and my gran all own pieces from her collections over the years, but don’t just take my word for it – she has Fenwick approval too as they stock some of her range in the Northumberland Street store.

If you’re interested in seeing her pieces yourself, here are our top Tutti & Co picks.

Our top silver picks

our top gold picks

Our top accessory picks

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