By Bekki Ramsay

As someone who regularly works from home, I’ve become somewhat of a seasoned dresser for this indoor occasion. Whilst ‘working from home’ attire may make you think of lounging about in your favourite pyjamas, I’m personally a firm believer that instead, wearing a stylish (but practical) outfit can make you more productive.

Outfit 1: A good quality knitted tracksuit

Outfit Two: The Pre-lunchtime Workout (Once You Add in a Gym Bra and Vest)

Outfit Three: A Powerful Throw-On Outfit for that Much Needed Pick-Me-Up

Outfit Four: The Perfect Outfit for Those That Are Sick of Wearing Leggings But Don’t Want to Compromise on Comfort

Outfit Five: A Lightweight Outfit Combo That You Can Also Pair With Trainers to Pop to the Shops

Outfit Six: The Outfit That Verges on Pyjamas But Will Maintain Your Productivity

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