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What to do if you think you have Coronavirus – practical tips

With the majority of the country now staying at home, Elizabeth Lucy shares practical tips on how to self-isolate if you think you or someone in your household has Coronavirus.

Written by High Life North
Published 27.03.2020

By Elizabeth Lucy

Elizabeth Lucy

How long can COVID-19 live on certain surfaces?

Recent studies by the National Institutes of Health have shown that COVID-19 can remain stable on surfaces for extended periods of time.
The study, which is still to be peer-reviewed, suggests it can live on copper for four hours and stainless steel and plastic for 2/3 days. These findings are similar to studies done on SARS in 2003 and in line with what we know about Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.
This is important because if you are going to a supermarket, or any place where you might encounter other people, even if you are taking public transport or if you are not able to self isolate for whatever reason, this is something you need to know.
So washing your hands is essential, you could wear gloves or take sanitizer if you can find any. You can also remove virus particles from surfaces with cleaning products and disinfectant. You can minimize your exposure by cleaning high-frequency touchpoints like light switches, door handles, surfaces, car steering wheels and of course our smartphones and tablets. 
Knowing some of the risks can help you make more informed decisions and keep yourself and your family healthier for longer. There are new and emerging studies every week so I will share more of those studies as they are published. 
Stay safe and stay healthy.
Elizabeth is a qualified epidemiologist and Public Health specialist, she shares health improvement content on her socials to help people live a healthier life. 
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