By Bekki Ramsay

Whilst many people may believe there’s a lack of reason to wear any fancy clothes right now, I’m here to persuade you otherwise. Did you know that Easier is just around the corner? Yes, really! Time flies when you’re… making your way through Netflix day after day after day.

However, I want you to think more positively about the prospect of getting out of your comfies on Easter Sunday, and instead wear something a bit more stylish. Not only will it allow you to finally wash your favourite loungewear but I promise that wearing a more glamorous get-up will make you feel good!

If you have something in mind that you already own – fantastic! But if you’re feeling inspired to buy a new Spring piece, you’re in luck as I’ve pulled together a list of beaut high-street picks that won’t break the bank. Plus, we all know that a bit of retail therapy can help in terrible times.

Why Not Dress the Same Colour as the Nation’s Favourite Chocolate Brand?

Florals in Spring… (Actually) Ground-breaking This Time as Joggers Aren’t Available in Floral

Do You Miss Being Outdoors? Why Not Dress Like Your Favourite Picnic Tablecloth?

You’re Going to be Eating a Lot so Why Not Dress Like One? An Ode to the (Yellow) Mini Eggs

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