Turn *any* space into an office sanctuary which boosts productivity

Create the perfect WFH space on a budget. From office desks to smaller self-care pieces to keep you motivated.

By Bekki Ramsay

There’s no denying that the current situation may be making it difficult to work from home. We’re now a couple of weeks in and you’ve probably unravelled a whole load of problems. Perhaps you’re lacking the space to purchase an office desk or simply don’t have the budget to buy one. Maybe you’re struggling to stay motivated whilst working or aren’t feeling inspired by your workspace.

Well, luckily for you – I live in a small house and am obsessed with interiors which makes me the perfect advocate for transferring personal spaces into rooms that well, work! In fact, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks creating the perfect ‘working from home’ space – and all whilst on a budget – so I thought I’d share my list of the best products I’ve seen whilst browsing the web.

But most importantly – this product guide goes beyond office desks. I’ve also delved into smaller self-care pieces that will help keep you motivated, making it perfect for any budget.

For Office Space Starters – The Desk

…Paired with the Perfect Chair

Shine Bright Like an Office Space Lamp

Fashionable Mugs

the finishing touches...

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