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Cook | Easy and delicious snacks from local chefs

Need some snack inspiration during lockdown? We asked local chefs to let us in on their go-to recipes.

Written by High Life North
Published 09.06.2020

Berry Energy Balls

by Rustic Cup

This quick and customisable energy ball recipe from Whitley Bay’s Rustic Cup is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. It also happens to involve no baking whatsoever — a win-win. We’ve been adding protein powder to ours and snacking them post-workout.Ingredients1 cup of each – oats, almonds, pitted dates1 cup of fresh or frozen berries (leave frozen berries to defrost and pat dry before use)

1/2 tsp vanilla extract1 tsp lemon zest

 Optional extras – 

1/2 tsp honey

1 tsp of chia seeds

1 tsp protein powder

Optional decoration –

Beetroot powder

Shredded coconut

Almond flour


  • Mix dry ingredients in a food processor until they reach a flour-like consistency. 
  • Blend in the rest of the ingredients until you have a sticky dough (add some drops of water or lemon juice if it’s too dry).
  • Shape the mixture into balls with your hands or a small ice cream scoop.
  • Chill in the freezer before serving (try to wait three hours, if you can).
  • Store in an airtight container placed in the refrigerator for up to one week, or up to one month in the freezer.

Whipped Feta Dip

By Graze & Gorge 

This picnic-perfect dip from luxe caterer Graze & Gorge takes moments to make. The brand’s director, Millie, says that it’s “best enjoyed with warm pita bread and crunchy crudités.”Ingredients 200g feta 3 tbsp Greek yoghurt A sprig of rosemary, finely choppedLemon, juice and zest 1 tsp honey


  • Combine the feta, Greek yoghurt, rosemary and lemon juice in a food processor until smooth. 
  • Chill then top with lemon zest, black pepper and a drizzle of honey to serve. 

Nutella Cookie Bars

By R Place

Newcastle-based coffee and donut shop R Place shared this super-indulgent recipe with us. Inspired by Nutella and cookies, it’s a perfect weekend treat for families, or perhaps just for yourself…


280g plain flour1 tsp bicarbonate of soda1/2 tsp salt100g unsalted butter50g granulated sugar120g light brown sugar1 large egg2 tsp vanilla80g chocolate spread180g white chocolate


  • Preheat your oven to 180C and line a 9×9 inch square tin with baking paper.
  • Whisk the flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt together, and leave to one side.
  • In a separate bowl, melt the butter (you can do this in the microwave – two rounds of 30 seconds will work).
  • Next, add the sugar to the melted butter and whisk for three minutes at high speed.
  • When it’s combined, add in the egg and vanilla, and whisk again.
  • Take your dry ingredients from earlier and mix them in by hand using a ‘squishing motion’ until a thick dough is formed.
  • Push your dough into the tin, spreading it evenly into the corners.
  • Bake in the oven for 19 minutes (20 minutes if you like them a bit more crispy), then leave them to rest for 30 minutes before popping them onto a cooling rack.
  • To finish, melt the chocolate spread and white chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds each (stirring between intervals) 
  • Swirl over the cookie bars and cut into servings, and then, most importantly – enjoy!
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