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What you should know before getting cosmetic injectables

Nine out of ten cosmetic procedures carried out in the UK are non-surgical injectables in the form of muscle relaxants such as Botox or dermal filler. Here's what you should know...

Written by High Life North
Published 17.07.2020

This industry is worth over £3 billion, but here’s the rub: The non-surgical cosmetic industry is almost entirely unregulated.

That means the treatments can be provided by anyone and anywhere. So how do you know if your practitioner is properly trained and regulated, or if it is someone who has bought product illicitly over the internet?

Here are 3 basic questions you should ask before you book your appointment.  

Who’s behind the needle?

90% of the success of these kinds of non-surgical cosmetic treatments depends on who is doing them. If injections are carried out by people with inadequate training the chances of things going horribly wrong is high. Anything from droopy eyelids, infections, lumpiness, allergic reactions, prolonged swellings and facial asymmetry to disfiguring tissue loss and even blindness. 

  • Find out who your practitioner is
  • What are their qualifications?
  • Where have the trained in aesthetics? Are they continually training, or did they do one course 10 years ago?
  • Can they show you their own before and after images?
  • Are they regulated by a governing body such as the GDC or GMC?
  • Are they a member of an industry association such as Save Face or JCCP?
  • Are they operating from a reputable clinic with good cross infection control and sterility? A kitchen, a hair salon, a dining room, someone’s conservatory are not acceptable clinical settings for what is basically a medical procedure. 
  • Are they insured?
  • What happens if something goes wrong?
  • What happens if you’re unhappy? 

Do your research. Do your research. Do your research!

Once you’ve found someone promising, don’t rush. Book an appointment for a consultation first. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your desires and expectations. Your practitioner should always ask you questions about your medical history. They should also give you written information with all the risks and adverse reactions outlined and ask you to sign a consent form once you’ve had time to think the matter through before you return for your actual procedure.

Your budget

Go by the clinic and the practitioner, not the price. You get what you pay for when it comes to cosmetic treatments. While prices vary depending on the exact product used and where you live, muscle relaxing injections usually start around £160 per area. Filler prices start around £250 and upwards and can be far more expensive if you are looking for a full-face rejuvenation. If it is really cheap, then somewhere corners are being cut. There is a large variation in the quality of the product too. For example, there are many cheaper filler brands on the market that do not meet the exacting requirements of CE or FDA approval. Not all filler is made equal. At Queensway Skin Clinic, we only use brands that have undergone FDA approval. We know they will have undergone the most rigorous research and will largely be the safest products on the market. 

At your consultation, discuss your budget and see if it’s in line with what you desire and what your practitioner suggests. Patients often come in having saved enough money for 1ml of filler, but often they need more than that to get the result they are dreaming off. You’ll get the best results if you wait until you can afford to pay for a comprehensive treatment. 

Can you keep an open mind?

It is quite common for clients to come in convinced they need a certain area treated, when in reality, it’s not going to give them the effect they desire. The face needs to be balanced and just pumping up volume in what you think is your problem area won’t necessarily do the trick. Also, if a client wants Bella Hadid’s cheekbones or Angelina’s lips, bringing pics of your favourite celebrities or influencers doesn’t always help. 

Find a photo of yourself where you love the way you look and bring that to your appointment. This gives the practitioner a more realistic point of reference and will allow them to better understand how to enhance your natural features. We see your face in a three-dimensional way that’s entirely different from how you see it. The key to your treatment is to keep your look natural, in proportion, balanced and in harmony. 

About the author

Dr Uzma Olbrich BDS Dip Con Sed 

Managing Partner Queensway Skin Clinic 

01642 352445 or 01642 554667

[email protected]

For more information on Queensway and to enquire about a contactless consultation visit the website. 

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