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How to create a vision board

With more time at home at the moment, it’s a perfect time to DREAM!

Written by High Life North
Published 07.08.2020

By Becky Stanton

Dream about your future, what you want to do, what your dream lifestyle is, what you would love to achieve. No dream is too big or too crazy.

As Bob Proctor says – “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” Anything you visualise and dream can become your reality.

One useful tool to remind you of your dreams and to ensure you stay connected with what you desire is a vision board.

A vision board is essentially a collection of images, words and textures that symbolise your deepest desires. It can be used for law of attraction practices to help you manifest your dreams.

So, with all this extra time we have, now is a perfect time to create your vision board!

Here are our top tips…

Spend time dreaming. What do you want to be, do or have in your life? What will make you feel most joyful and fulfilled?

If you need some guidance, Becky has ‘Future You’ journaling prompts that can guide you through this dreaming process. Or if you would like to complete a Future You visualisation with Becky, email info@beckystanton.com for an opportunity to gain greater clarity on your deepest desires.

 Once you are clear on the emotions, beliefs, thoughts, habits, achievements and actions of Future You, spend time sourcing pictures, words, photos, textures, colours that symbolise your future desires, experiences and possessions.

Collect the images and arrange on your vision board. Each item on your vision board must invoke an emotion or feeling that aligns with your desires. No space for mediocre on your vision board!

Place your vision board somewhere you will see it and connect with it every day. You can also choose to have multiple vision boards – one for your lifestyle, one for your work/business and one for a particular project or mission.

It’s such a simple practice, yet so powerful when created with intention and meaning.

Here are some ideas to get started…

Inspiring Images

 You can source images from anywhere if your vision board is in the safety of your own home. Be creative with finding items. And there is no rush – your vision board grows with you as you evolve! Ensure that the images match the emotion you want to feel.

Google search – type in your desire and see if any pictures speak to your soul

Unsplash – free stock photos, just search like you would on google but there are gorgeous, arty, high-resolution pictures.

Social media – Pinterest and Instagram are my favourite social media platforms as they are picture focused. Also include quotes and words.

Magazines – treat yourself to magazines related to your desires (travel, home, exercise). Remember though, magazines can be limiting and more specific images could be found for free elsewhere!

Vision Boarding Materials

Once you have collected your images, you need somewhere to showcase them. You can use plain card (and frame it if you wish), or use pin/cork boards. Here are my favourites:

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Fun Additional Materials

 I love using affirmation cards on my vision board and as part of my morning ritual. Some will speak to your soul…

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Treat yourself to fancy pins that will bring you joy and smiles when you connect with your vision board.

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Decorate with textures & inspiration

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About Becky Stanton

Becky helps business owners create their ‘Work Sanctuary’ at home for greater effectiveness, purposeful working and intentional success. She specialises in re-aligning your personal energy with your home energy for a holistic business strategy. Becky also has a weekly blog and free resources on her website www.beckystanton.com.

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