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The Joy of Journaling

Journaling is the practice of writing out your inner thoughts and feelings. It’s a beautiful release to support you when you are feeling low, confused or conflicted as you explore your emotions.

Written by High Life North
Published 11.08.2020

By Becky Stanton

What are the benefits?

Studies have shown journaling provides a boost in mindfulness, self-confidence, memory, better sleep and a stronger immune system!

Those that journal regularly have greater self-awareness (tuning into yourself), feel less stressed, more in control of their problems or negative thoughts, and have greater clarity and positive emotions for their day ahead. Day by day you can see and feel the transformation as you look back on previous concerns or thoughts. You can feel the growth you are experiencing!

When to journal

You can journal anytime, anywhere – all you need is your journal and a pen!

I would highly recommend creating a journaling habit in the morning and evening. Your mind is a lot clearer when you wake up and as you get ready for sleep. Choose to use these journaling options when you have the greatest clarity and when you have the least distractions in your day.

Organise your thoughts with greater clarity and focus.

How do I get started?

As with any habit, there can be a lot of resistance to getting started. A blank page can feel overwhelming and intimidating.

I’ll be sharing with you 5 easy ways to journal so you can take daily action to feel good! The magic is in taking action.

1 – Morning Pages

Morning pages are where you write 3 pages of anything in your mind on to paper. No conscious thought, no need for articulate sentences or poetic words. Think of it like a “brain dump”. It’s releasing what’s on your mind on to paper to clear your thoughts and create space for ideas and inspiration.

Some of these thoughts may be important, but many will be simple thoughts that are on repeat in your mind. Releasing them daily brings you clarity.

Try it – every morning, allow the pen to flow effortlessly for 3 pages. No conscious thought required!

2 – Questions & Prompts

Most people are aware of using questions and prompts for journaling. You may have a journal ready with prompts, or you can choose your own based on what you are going through right now.  If you are choosing your own, you can research them in advance (a quick Google search like ‘journal prompts for feeling xxx’) or be guided in the moment with what questions to ask yourself.

This journaling approach is more intentional and allows you to explore something specific. It’s a great practice for self-discovery, self-awareness or reflection.

Some examples could include…

  • How do I feel right now?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What can I do to feel more like this?
  • What will I commit to doing right now?

The more you journal, the more these questions will intuitively come to you during the practice. You will be self-coaching yourself to explore deeper and deeper.

3 – Creative journaling

 Words are powerful, but symbols and art are just as powerful! Drawing, painting, sketching or any other creative outlet that calls to you is another way to explore how you are feeling and to declutter your thoughts!

Journalling is an outlet for you – there is no right or wrong way of doing it. If being creative works better to explore and address your emotions, try creative journaling and have fun with it!

4 – Gratitude & Goals

Did you know that when you are feeling grateful, you cannot feel a negative emotion at the same time? This is the power of gratitude!

Create a daily journaling practice where you list out 3-5 things every morning you are grateful for. Once you have written them, take a moment to really feel the gratitude in your heart and body (this avoids it becoming a tick-box exercise!).

While your mind and body is in this place of gratitude, connect with your goals by writing them down on paper. It could be a personal goal or a career/business goal – write it down and lean into those feelings of thankfulness.

This journaling practice can take less than 10 minutes and is instant confidence and focus booster for your day!

5 – Scripting

Scripting is when you journal on a moment you desire as if it’s already your reality.

For example – you write in your journal in the present tense connecting with the moment your goal is real. You can write the date, connect emotionally with how you are feeling, what’s going on around you, the positive thoughts that are coming up or you.

This transformational journaling technique encourages you to tap into the power of your mind and emotions. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and imagined, it simply processes the feelings and visuals as fact.

This can be brought into your daily journaling practice by writing your future as if it’s already your reality. A creative visualisation.

And if you follow the Law of Attraction – this technique is great for manifesting your desires!

BONUS – Bullet Journaling

Some of you may have heard of bullet journaling. It’s a very creative way of journaling your thoughts, your ideas, your productivity and tracking progress. This is a very organised and particular way of journaling your thoughts and taking them to the next level of action.

There are specific ways to do this approach and you can even buy journals

Watch an introduction to bullet journaling here:

Get started today…

Remove any pressure to journal and just give it a go!

There is no right or wrong, it’s what feels good to you. You could even try these different ways to see which one calls to you the most.

To help you build a long-standing journaling habit, I recommend treating yourself to a notebook and pen that excites you! When you look forward to the practice, you will find you won’t be avoiding it.

Have fun – and I can’t wait to hear how transformational you find it!

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About the Author

Becky Stanton is a Mindset & Manifestation Coach for female solopreneurs that are building their successful online businesses from the comfort of their homes. Becky takes you from distracted days and procrastination to effective working, balanced boundaries and pure joy! You’ll transform your mindset, beliefs and rituals to align with your deepest desires. Becky also has a weekly blog and free resources on her website. 

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