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Tooth Whitening Q&A

We speak to Dr Will Carter from Queensway Dental

Written by High Life North
Published 18.08.2020

We caught up with dentist Dr Will Carter from leading practice, Queensway Dental to find out what we should, and shouldn’t be doing to create a healthy smile. Dr Carter also shares what we can expect from a consultation at the leading Queensway Dental practice, where he works with each patient individually to create a treatment plan so they smile with confidence.

What can we do to maintain a healthy smile?

I would always recommend trying to have and have 3-4 meals a day, do not snack between meals, only drink water or milk. You should always brush three times a day for three minutes with a fluoride toothpaste 1450ppm.

If we are looking for whiter teeth, what is the safest way to achieve this?

First, it is advisable to book an appointment to see your dentist to assess why your teeth are discoloured. It could be for several reasons.

  • Old stained fillings
  • Exposed dentine on root surface which is a darker colour
  • Developmental mottling
  • Staining internally due to death of tooth or root canal filling
  • Superficial staining from calculus

Each cause of staining has different treatments to get the best, safest and longest-lasting result.

Do at-home teeth whitening products work?

Yes, bleaching with 6% hydrogen peroxide or 16% carbonise peroxide will usually get your natural teeth 2-3 shades lighter after four weeks, it is crucial to get these treatments from a dentist as they will recommend the correct chemical gel. It is very dangerous to use or order these products without a consultation.

What food and drink cause the most staining?

Where do I start! Turmeric and other spices, coffee, red wine, tea, tomato pasta sauces are typically the worst (sadly all the nice things!) You can have these, just in moderation.

What foods and drinks should we be eating to maintain a healthy smile?

All foods with low sugar and low acid are good for teeth – cheese is a great snack to have after a sugary or acidic food because it naturally neutralises acid which would otherwise damage teeth.

How can we maintain healthy teeth? 

Regular dental check-ups and hygiene appointments are the most important thing to diagnose small problems whilst they can still be easily dealt with. At this stage, your dentist can prescribe the correct product you need. The majority of patients also need screening X-rays every two to three years so we can assess bone levels and the contact points between teeth.

What can we expect from a dental consultation at Queensway Dental and what is the teeth whitening process for clients?

We offer all new patients a free virtual consultation with a dental professional to give them a general idea of treatment options, cost and payment plan – all from the comfort of their own home.  

The patient will then be booked in for an appointment at the practice for an examination and a 3D scan is usually taken so we can fabricate bleaching trays, discuss alternative cosmetic options and other health findings.

We’re always excited to welcome new faces to the practice, for more information and to book a free virtual consultation please visit our website. 

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