Wellness Gift Guide 2020


YogaTherapies brings the very best of yoga and wellbeing to Newcastle. From their pioneering yoga classes to their secret matcha latte blend and carefully curated boutique, the Yoga X Life studio is a true oasis.

Space Cleansing Kits – from £7.99
Ready to start your new year with intention? These space cleansing kits are created with ethically sourced, sacred cleansing materials that have been used for centuries to help foster release and bring fresh energy into your homes and lives.

Wellbeing Kits – from £15.00
YogaTherapies has created a bespoke series of wellbeing kits from their favourite, time tested products. Choose from packages that support sleep, help you recover from exercise or undertake a detox to refresh your health. Wellbeing kits range from £15 to £50 and are the perfect stocking filler, or make a well-deserved treat for own health!

Stretchy Pants – from £34.00
2020 has been – amongst many things – the year of the stretchy pant! Pop in for some in-studio exclusive stock, or browse online for a broad selection of ethically sourced and organically made clothing. Perfect for yoga or the home-office aficionado.

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Lily & Rabbit

This family-run business makes award-winning soaps from their cottage in Knaresborough. When living in Tuscany for several years they loved the olive oil soap bars that were so easily available and beautifully cleansed their family’s sensitive skin. Once they moved to North Yorkshire they were inspired to make their own luscious soaps by combining olive oil with raw goats milk (the best of both worlds). They’ve since won awards with their all-natural soaps in 2020 at the Free From Skincare Awards and The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards. Lily & Rabbit’s regular range of goat’s milk soap bars are made with their base formula that are pure and unscented, or naturally coloured and scented with fine essential oils. Their spa bars offer a little more for sensitive or troubled skin. 

Bee Naked bar – £5.50

Charcoal with Tea Tree and Lavender – £6.00

Geranium Rose – £5.50

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Regeneration Yoga

Regeneration Yoga was conceived in the spirit of beautiful places and people, which has now grown into a community of environmentalists working together to help bring you durable and sustainable eco-friendly products for your everyday yoga practice. The ever-growing popularity of yoga has attracted the attention of large companies who mass produce poor quality synthetic equipment made from harmful chemical compounds, to quickly capitalise on this rising demand with very little thought towards the environmental impact. Regeneration Yoga is based on a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment. They are constantly exploring new ways of improving and reducing their carbon footprint, of harvesting ecologically sustainable materials and developing processes that have the smallest possible impact on the planet, while still delivering exceptional durability, performance and quality in all their products.

Alignment Cork Yoga Mat – £84.99

Airlite Cork Yoga Mat – £89.99

Orenda Cork Yoga Mat – £84.99

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Nature + Nature

Nicola’s passion for nature’s healing abilities and the importance of self-care routines stems from her own health problems. For over a decade she has embraced natural wellbeing practices, helping to reverse chronic illnesses. Following a volunteering trip to Cambodia working at a school in a remote village, she returned with a new perspective and priorities. It was a turning point in her life and her passion developed into a calling to create Nature + Nature – with the aim of bringing the therapeutic powers of nature to as many people as possible whilst promoting the importance of self-care. In collaboration with their charity partner, every Nature + Nature purchase made will fund 1 day of education to underprivileged children, helping them to create a better future. 

All of her products have been developed to help you find calm and restore balance to your mind, body and soul. The bath salt blends are handcrafted in our North East lab, using the highest quality 100% natural and organic ingredients.  And we’re committed to doing this in a sustainable way, in harmony with nature, through the use of 100% recycled or recyclable materials. 

Bath Salt Gift Set – £28.00 

Bath Salts – CALM + SOOTHE – £18.00 (500g), £10.00 (250g) 

Bath Salts – RELAX + RESTORE – £18.00 (500g), £10.00 (250g) 

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Karma Coast

Founded in 2018 by Dylan and Magdalena, Tynemouth-based Karma Coast has a mission to improve the quality of life for the local community and further afield. The duo pride themselves on sourcing the best organic raw materials to create their products, and their commitment to quality has been officially recognised by two independent award bodies, winning ‘Best Organic CBD Products 2020’ at the UK Enterprise Awards, and Best CBD Products 2020 at the Northern Prestige Awards. Their online shop offers a range of CBD oils and vapes, as well as CBD tea and topical balm. If you’re not sure what to choose, they offer complimentary wellness consultations via phone or video link. 

CBD Oil – from £35.00

CBD Organic Hemp Tea – from £10.00

CBD Capsules – from £40.00

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