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Stop smoking to see clearer, more radiant skin in six weeks

Dr Uzma Olbrich chats to HLN about the benefits of stopping smoking on your skin

Written by High Life North
Published 27.10.2020

Uzma, how does smoking impact our skin?

Smoking is the second largest premature skin aging factor following UV exposure. Heavy smokers – and even light smokers if they have smoked for years – can develop very deep lines and wrinkles which cannot always be reversed, even with cosmetic procedures. 

In your late thirties and early forties premature skin ageing, resulting from smoking, will inevitably become more noticeable. I always advise my clients to look after their skin from day one by keeping hydrated, eating a balanced diet, exercising, not smoking and reducing alcohol intake.

What are the benefits people can expect to see when they stop smoking?

Studies have shown that those in their twenties and thirties can expect to see clearer, more radiant skin within six weeks of stopping smoking. Our skin is an amazing organ and can regenerate efficiently when quitting the cigarettes – saving money and getting your glow back, what’s not to love about that?

However, in your late thirties and forties the skins natural ability to regenerate reduces. This is when intervention is likely to be needed with medical-grade products and non-surgical procedures. If you want to improve your complexion and skin health, the sooner you can stop smoking, the better. 

Which products/treatments should people use to help restore and revive damaged skin?

I spent a long time researching the products I wished to use and prescribe in the clinic and I chose ZO Skin Health because of the ingredients, research and the results that can be achieved. Ultimately, I can confidently say that they work. 

Skin which has been mildly affected due to smoking can be improved by products which include retinols as they will restore and revive damaged skin. For more severe skin damage, I would recommend a consultation at our skin clinic, here we can create an individual skin treatment plan for you as a staged approach to treatment may be necessary. 

For deeper lines and wrinkles, non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as dermal filler or a chemical peel, which smooth and tighten the skin are popular and can deliver brilliant results. 

Dr Uzma Olbrich is a skin expert at Queensway Skin Clinic in Billingham. 

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