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HLN discovers a gin that celebrates everything Newcastle has to offer…

The nights are getting darker, so what could be better than getting cosy on the sofa with a delicious G&T courtesy of our new local favourites, Geordie Gin?

Written by High Life North
Published 13.11.2020

In partnership with Geordie Gin

A good gin and tonic is a staple drink for most of us – quick and easy to throw together, and both refreshing and warming, making it the perfect year-round drink. At HLN we always love to champion local brands – and enjoy a good G&T – so when we found out about Geordie Gin it seemed too good to be true.

Geordie Gin was born from North East-born founders Geoff Graydon and Stu Lamb, over what else but a just-finished G&T. As long-time gin drinkers, they’d often felt that ones they drank weren’t quite up to scratch, and with Stu being an ex-chemist and an experienced brewer, they thought it shouldn’t be too hard to make a superior one.

Whilst researching their favourite tipple, they realised that, whilst many other locations around the UK had a gin celebrating their little part of the nation, there was nothing in the North East that really celebrated everything Newcastle has to offer. They were determined to create a product that was worthy of the North, and which showed off their native Newcastle. Stu’s son, Adam, was also brought into the business, ensuring it stayed a local family company, which is really important to them. Adam has previously worked in London and Edinburgh, as well as travelling abroad for business; “I’d see first-hand the economic benefits that business brings, and I wanted to create something in the area that will hopefully grow to help Newcastle’s economy and workforce, as I feel we’re often a forgotten city. I think we do things fantastic here, and we know how to have fun doing it as well, so really why wouldn’t you want your business set up here?”.  With a job market that’s usually so London-focussed in the UK, making sure every aspect of their product is sourced, created and shipped from the North East was a key motivator when they were designing Geordie Gin, and they’ve ensured that where possible, they source all of their ingredients from around the North East.

This isn’t the only thing that sets them apart from other brands – they also try to stick to 11 black and white botanicals and do their distillation process differently from other brands. Where other gin makers use a vacuum to distil sections of their gin, Geordie Gin has gone the whole hog and instead uses a vacuum process to distil absolutely everything that goes into their gins, making them the only mass produced, vacuum distilled gin available. That means the gin never gets above 38 °C, creating fewer reactions and minimising by-product run off. It might sound super technical (and it is) but what that means is the final gin is far smoother and a much higher quality – one of the many reasons you can enjoy Geordie Gin neat!

It’s not all been smooth seas – or gin – during the creation process. Getting all the relevant licenses involved plenty of hoop jumping to ensure Geordie Gin was above board and safe to be distributed, and once they’d locked that down, getting their branding spot on was their next challenge. We wanted a product that was proud to be Geordie but wouldn’t give off any of the recent negativity that seems to follow the word. We want people all over the UK – and the world – to think positivity, fun and excellence when they hear Geordie, because we are!” Personally, we think they’ve accomplished that – in what else but the Newcastle’s signature black and white colours. They’ve even came up with some exciting new designs, which will launch next year alongside their new flavours which are ready and raring to go, as well as some big plans to work with some much loved and well-known Northerner’s – although they wouldn’t tell us who just yet!

Consider us well and truly invested in what Geordie Gin will be doing over the next year. And finally, we asked Adam what the secret to a good gin and tonic is; “always use the minimum amount of good tonic to make sure you can always taste the gin’s quality, and don’t be afraid to try it neat first. And, of course, Geordie Gin!”. You can find us from now on with a G&T firmly in hand courtesy of Geordie Gin.

To purchase Geordie Gin, find out more about their story and even take a look at the bespoke gins they offer, you can visit their website:

Buy Geordie Gin Online

Geordie Gin Classic - £35.00

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