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Behind The ‘Gram with @EatsWithAmy_X

Though she’ll tell you she’s ‘just your average girl who loves to eat’, Amy’s Instagram account is anything but ordinary

Written by High Life North
Published 17.11.2020

Showcasing everything from the most beautiful brunches to decidedly decadent dinners, it’s really no surprise that North East foodie blogger, @EatsWithAmy_x has managed to snag herself a healthy 10,000 followers (and counting).

1. What inspired you to create your food account?

It happened quite naturally, to be honest. I was always going out for food and taking pictures of my meals, so my boyfriend suggested I make an account. This was before foodie accounts were really a thing so I was actually a bit embarrassed about it at first. I thought no-one would care, so I didn’t tell anyone about it. But then, as it started picking up organic followers, I realised its potential and started being more open about it. I now love having a foodie account – from the friends I’ve made to finding new restaurant recommendations. I’m just really glad my boyfriend kick-started the whole thing!

2. Do you feel any pressure to find the balance between being honest and not insulting a restaurant?

Definitely! While I don’t tend to post anything too negative – particularly in these testing times, when we should be supporting small businesses more than ever – I always try to keep my reviews balanced. I’ll also let the restaurant know if I have any constructive criticism, whether it’s in person or via DM.


3. What is one myth about being a food blogger that you would like to set straight?

That we’re not all great cooks! I’m not sure why, but everyone instantly assumes that because you’re a foodie blogger you’re also really into cooking. I’m your stereotypical student batch-cooker who is partial to a pasta bolognese that I can stick in the freezer for the next day, or throwing a supermarket pizza into the oven. Actually, now that I think about it, not being a very good cook is probably why I enjoy eating out so much, and why I do it so often…

4. What’s one North East restaurant on your bucket list?

Picking one is so hard! But if I had to pick just one it would probably be House of Tides. I’ve never been to a Michelin-star restaurant before. Visiting will probably have to wait until a special occasion though. Maybe when the parents are up visiting, if I’m really lucky!


5. Where are your top three places in the North East for… Brunch?

Kith & Kin. Café 1901 Jesmond. And Aidan’s Kitchen.

6. Lunch?

Olive and Bean. The Naked Deli. Batch bakery in Jesmond.


7. And celebratory dinner?

I’m a poor student so I’m probably not the best person to answer this! But some good options that don’t break the bank are Branches, As You Like It and The French Quarter.

8. Sweet treat?

Cake Stories, Proven Goods and Pet Lamb Patisserie.


9. Sunday lunch?

The Woodman Arms. Wylam Brewery. The Broad Chare.


10. Somewhere a bit alternative?

Sushi Me Rollin. Pablo Eggs Go Bao and Di Meo’s Ice cream.

11. Finally, how long does it take to get that perfect Instagram shot?

Far too long! Sometimes I think my friends and my boyfriend get a bit fed up with me taking pictures of food – particularly when they’re hungry and I won’t let them eat until I’ve got a picture I like! But they’re all pretty used to it now so they just laugh at me. It does help when the restaurant or café has good natural lighting and some aesthetically-plated food though, so there’s a tip for any restaurant owners reading this!


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