How to Recreate the Twisted Candle Trend

Candles can solve a lot of problems… Not sure what to buy your friend as a friend? Treat them to a candle. Are you stressed and need to unwind? Light yourself a candle.

Are you bored in the house, in the house bored? Well, this is a new solution: create a twisted candle!

You’re probably thinking, ‘what?’ But thanks to their interesting shape and easiness to craft, they’re fast becoming a staple in the home of interior influencers and personal style social media stars. For example, here we have influencer, Hollie Mercedes, showing us how to create the crafty trend in her Instagram reel…


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Once it’s melted to a more flexible consistency, roll it out flat using a rolling pin. Then simply twist the wax into a spiral shape, whilst ensuring you leave both the bottom and top circular so it can still be placed into your favourite candlestick holder.

In addition, here are some top tips for ensuring it goes to plan:

  • Invest in quality-non tapered candles such as RE Found’s from Corbridge, which are 2 for £4.50.
  • Pick darker colours as they tend to work better than pastel.
  • Make sure to put your finished design into the candlestick holder before it dries completely as it may become too big for the candlestick holder.
  • Be prepared to scrape dried wax off any utensils you use, so don’t use your best bits.

If you think your fingers aren’t crafty enough and would prefer to purchase some professionally made ones – you’re in luck as we’ve found some online in a range of colours. Or alternatively, you could purchase one of the other unusually shaped candles we’ve scouted and highlighted below.

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