Feel Good

Texting Fails

Ever sent someone the wrong text by accident? Or managed to send that photo to someone you didn’t mean to? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there…

Written by High Life North
Published 13.12.2020

By Faith Richardson

This message was deleted for all…

“I once sent a co-worker a massive text bitching about another colleague who’d let me down at the last minute and left me in the lurch with a big project. Except I didn’t send it to my friend. I sent it to the work group chat instead – with my colleague, and all of our managers in it. I had to go in the next day and have a meeting with them and my manager to discuss it.”

The love room needs a hoover too…

“My husband text our cleaner asking her to make sure she went to the ‘loving room’ rather than the living room.”

No mum, I meant essential oils. It was an autocorrect fail…

“When I was younger I accidentally texted my mum instead of a friend, telling her I’d been tricked into sniffing poppers. When I realised I’d sent it to her by accident, I panicked and ran down the stairs so quickly that I slipped and fell all the way down. Had to grab her phone out of her hand and tell her I meant party poppers before deleting the text and bolting back upstairs. We never spoke about it again.”

Sex? Course not. I was wrestling with a mountain gorilla

“Not so much texting, but I once accidentally rang my dad while I was having sex (my phone was under the pillow). He rang me back asking if everything was ok. I couldn’t look him in the eye for weeks.”

Oh hey, potential future boss

“Not me, but a woman was texting me once about a job that she was applying for in my team. We had kept missing each other on the phone and in the morning she sent me a text saying ‘I’m so sorry we kept kissing each other last night’. Autocorrect fail.”

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