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Treat yourself – without leaving the sofa

Cookies and brownies and cakes, oh my!

Written by High Life North
Published 18.12.2020


Close your eyes and imagine the scene: two fudgy, dark chocolate brownie shells dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled with (what we can only assume are) actual crumbs of heaven, all a little crisp on first bite, before giving way to a gooey, silky-smooth buttercream centre and your choice of raspberry, biscoff, oreo or salted toffee popcorn. A dessert descended from only the divine, are we right? Now picture all of that, but in your pyjamas, on the sofa, in front of a little Netflix. That’s the gift that Jesmond bakery Cake Stories is now giving to us all.

A real family affair, Cake Stories work hard to make sure anyone who plays a part in their story will be on the receiving end of their core value: that people are important. And so explains their decision to go postal. We all know how challenging this year has been and, if nothing else, 2020 reminded us of the importance of staying connected and appreciating the little things that bring us together and make us feel good. Now if you’re anything like us at HLN HQ, that means one thing: cake. So the fact that Cake Stories are now letting us post (not so) little slices of magic through our loved ones’ doors this Christmas to let them know that we’re thinking of them means a lot. But also, we might just treat ourselves too. Because, 2021.  

So let’s walk you through your options here. Four luxurious, decadent brownie boxes, each featuring a selection of eight brownies or blondies in a range of flavours (so even your awkward Aunt Edna can’t complain). Go for either the Greatest Hits or Smashing It boxes and you’ll be greeted with some of Cake Stories’ signature bakes – think sea-salted caramel brownies or lemon and white chocolate blondies. Fancy a Fruity Fling? Don’t we all, hun. And we can at least promise with this one that you won’t be disappointed – the In The Th-Rose of Passion(fruit) brownies will always hit the spot. Or shake things right up with a Nutcase box and find crazy creations like Snickers in a Twist (we’ll let you discover exactly what that involves). The options, our friends, are endless. Kinda. 

Cake Stories’ deliverable letterboxes are the perfect gift – especially as they arrive in gorgeous packaging complete with a keepsake postcard and the option of a personalised message. Stay tuned this year for a greater letterbox selection, too.

Visit Cake Stories online, or their Facebook or Instagram.

All Letterbox Bakes are £19.50.

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Sweet Puffs are a pudding parlour with panache. They’re also a pudding parlour with postal possibilities – delivering all over the UK, no less – which cements them in our list of go-to dessert dons. What we love most about Sweet Puffs is that they’re a little sweeter than your average so for sheer indulgence, look no further. And although we always try and stay saccharine, sometimes you’ve got to be a little salty – and The Salty cupcake (rich, fudgey chocolate cake topped with smooth caramel buttercream and drizzled with caramel sauce) is a firm favourite in our office. As are their creative cake bars and dainty doughnut puffs (although you won’t feel so dainty after six of them).  

All infused with a little va-va-voom (gathered by owner Vanessa’s travels around the world) and inspired by divine intervention (yes, really), everything on offer from Sweet Puffs is made using only the finest natural ingredients and created with real passion and craftsmanship. Plus, their postal packs are all shipped on the same day that they’re baked and decorated and are packaged in biodegradable bags, which promise to maintain that just-out-of-the-oven freshness as they slide through your letterbox. C’est parfait. 

Orders close at midnight each Monday and boxes will only be shipped on a Wednesday. Arriving just in time for the weekend.

Find out more about SweetPuffs deliciously-decadent dessert selection online or on Instagram.

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Two words for you. Cookie. Pie. That’s basically all you need to know here. Whether it’s the OG Cookies and Cream creation – handmade choc-chunk cookie dough baked into a pie and filled with cookies and cream spread and whole Oreos, (HLN can vouch for this one) – or something a little crazier like the Kinder Bueno or Lotus Biscoff and Gold Bar variations, (HLN can vouch for these ones, too), we can promise beyond all doubt that you won’t be disappointed. Like, 1,000%. 

After something that you don’t have to share? Fair one. Cookie Freaks also do the most unreal stuffed cookies that are available for delivery, too. We’d recommend going for the multipack of 4, which includes: Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Kinder Bueno; Mars Bar and Nutella flavours. We’d also recommend warming your cookies – in a pre-heated oven at 170 degrees for 2 minutes, or in a microwave for around 10–15 seconds, if we’re being precise – to make the insides all gooey and delicious.

Cookie Pies – £20.00

Box of 4 cookies – £14.00

Check out the full selection on Cookie Freaks website, or on Facebook and Instagram. 

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