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Revealed: 12 of the Best Christmas Adverts of All Time – according to HLN readers

Be prepared to laugh, cry and everything else in-between.

Written by High Life North
Published 19.12.2020

By Becky Ramsay

Whilst we may have had to put some Christmas traditions on hold this year, but fortunately, there’s one that we can still enjoy – watching this year’s Christmas advertisements.

I’d even go as far as saying that even the Grinch and Scrooge would let out a simple smirk (and possibly even a tear) at some of this year’s offerings…

But, have you ever wondered which Christmas advertisements are seen to be the most memorable? We asked our readers to have a think about ones have left them feeling the fuzziest and warmest inside over the years, and thought we’d share the firm favourites below as a trip down memory lane.

So, be prepared to laugh, cry and everything else in-between.

‘1914’ by Sainsbury’

Can you believe that this advertisement came out in 2014? We can’t and neither can the people who said that this was their favourite Christmas advertisement of all time. For those that need a reminder, it’s set in 1914 on Christmas Day. British and German soldiers take a break from fighting in the War to play a game of football.

‘Holidays are Coming’ by Coca Cola

All we really need to say with this one is “HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! TIS THE SEASON, IT’S ALWAYS THE REAL THING!” and now the famous Christmas tune is going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Apologies. Also, here’s to hoping that the Coca Cola truck makes its classic Christmas route around the UK again next year. We’ll definitely be paying it a visit.

‘The Man on the Moon’ by John Lewis

Here we have another advert that’ll pull on your heart stringers. In fact, you may even cry as it’s now more relevant in 2020 than ever. For those that haven’t watched it in a while, it shows a young girl on earth making a connection with an elderly man who resides on the moon. Why, you ask? John Lewis wanted to raise awareness of the near one million older people in the UK, that experience loneliness during the festive season. And the Christmas advertisement did just that.

‘Monty the Penguin’ by John Lewis

Again, John Lewis tells a heart-warming tale of friendship in their 2014 Christmas advertisement. In this one, we witness a friendship between a young boy and a penguin called Monty. However, the young boy realises that something is missing from Monty’s life, and tries to fill the void with a gift of love.

‘English for Beginners’ by Allegro

You may not have seen this one (I personally hadn’t) but after a follower made me aware of this incredible advertisement, I felt obliged to share it after it made me shed a shear. All I’ll say is that it follows the story of an older Polish man learning English for a very special reason…

‘The Big Night’ by Sainsbury’s

A personal favourite of mine – this Christmas advertisement really does tick all of the boxes: cuteness, community, and hilarity. Just watch that child dressed as a plug. It turned into one of the best GIFs of 2018. 

‘Christmas with Love from Mrs Claus’ by M&S

This advert by iconic British brand, M&S, is a modern twist on the much-loved character, Mrs Claus, and highlights that often, there are many unsung heroes that spread joy throughout the Christmas period… Oh, and one’s that are dressed impeccably whilst doing so, too!

‘Special Because’ by Boots

This is an all-too-relevant Christmas ad for this year despite being made in 2014. It teaches us to not forget the other unsung heroes – key workers – who have to work over Christmas, and that for many of these people, their celebrations have to happen when we’re already over it. 

‘Coming Home for Christmas’ by Heathrow Airport

Here we have another Christmas advertisement I personally hadn’t watched but am now incredibly grateful to have been made aware of by a lovely follower. This story follows the story of two elderly teddy bears who land at Heathrow airport and make their way through passport control and walk through arrivals before waiting for a special someone to claim them.

‘The Snowman’ by Irn Bru

Could we really create a Christmas roundup and not feature The Snowman? This 2006 advertisement plays homage to the 1982 short film but makes for more entertainment (sorry!) as it gently mocks it.

‘Reindeer Ready’ by McDonald’s

I’ll be honest – this Christmas advertisement makes me well up every single time I watch it and is definitely one of this year’s best stories. It follows the tale of a young boy on the brink of teenage-hood, and how this change can be hard for a mother.

‘Christmas with the Spice Girls’ by Tesco

And, finally, we have this funny Christmas advertisement by Tesco (2007). It follows the Spice Girls around the supermarket secretly trying to buy each other a present, without being caught.

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