Women’s March Global move online

This week, women around the world would have joined forces in the Women’s March Global to give voice to the cultural, economic and social barriers to women’s progress that still exist. But while the pandemic may have put stop to in-person marches, it has also created an even-more-urgent need for intersectional voices to be heard. As concerns grow about the alarming rise in gender-based violence, human rights authorities have declared that gender inequities are as bad as they were 25 years ago. That’s why it’s never been more important to join the fight than now – and why Women’s March Global has made sure more people than ever can join its fifth-anniversary event this year, by taking global mobilisation online.

The Global Count is a digital poll designed to better map the critical issues facing women across the globe. Distributed by leading tech companies including Survey Monkey and Facebook, the data collected (and shared with the hashtag #WeCount) will inform future efforts to progress gender equality. So have your say from now until 8th March – and make it count.


For more information about Women’s March Global and the Global Count, visit their website.


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