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Can dogs improve our love lives?

A recent survey by Pets at Home says pet owners have admitted to spending from £11–£100 on their pet ahead of this Valentine’s Day. But have we overlooked how much a dog can help us find romance?

Written by High Life North
Published 13.02.2021

By Brittany Heeley

Our furry companions have been an integral part of our lives for as long as we can remember. So it may come as a little surprise that a recent survey conducted by Pets at Home says pet owners have admitted to splashing out on their four-legged friends ahead of this Valentine’s Day, spending between £11–£100 on the perfect pet-friendly presents. But are we missing something more? Could our dogs actually help us find love?

Maybe we’re not giving them as much credit as they deserve…



You can rely on your pup to make the first move when interacting with new people. Sometimes your dog might get you into some awkward situations solely through their eagerness to interact, but other times they are the ideal way to strike up a conversation and get to know our neighbours, new friends and potential partners. No place for nerves when your pet is fearless!



Apparently, having a dog makes you more attractive to potential partners – according to this study by Sigal Tifferet and Daniel J Kruger, anyway, which suggests that certain groups of men are more attracted to pet owners.

Another survey claims dog owners are more likely to be loyal, compassionate and kind…is having a dog basically a personality trait now?! But it makes sense, we guess – if you’re responsible for a furry friend you’re definitely likely to have a soft, nurturing side to you, which is always a plus in the romance department.


According to this survey, 40% of people in the UK would be more willing to date you if you have a dog.

We’ve seen it in movies, and you may have even seen it in action, but walking along with a dog definitely attracts some eyes. Your pet could potentially cause strangers to stop and talk to you about your little pal.

A word to the wise though – don’t go borrowing your friends’ dog in a bid to find a partner. We’re not sure it works like that. And if they find out it’s not actually your dog you’re walking, you might be hit with the line: ‘it’s not you, it’s your (lack of) dog,’ before they leave in search of a real dog owner.


Dogs are well known for being bundles of energy that need regular walks and a lot of exercise. This, of course, means you need to get out and about for a walk with your dog at least once a day, regardless of whether you want to or not. No days off with this little PT! But when it comes to keeping us in shape – which, in turn, keeps our serotonin levels and our confidence levels high – it can’t help but have a positive impact on helping us find love.


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