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Meet Awesome Botanical – the skincare brand that will look after your mind as much as your body

Meet Awesome Botanical – the skincare brand that will look after your mind as much as your body

Written by High Life North
Published 20.02.2021

Tell us about Awesome Botanical.

I started Awesome Botanical in June of last year. I was suffering from increased anxiety because of the first lockdown and was feeling lost with not having as much to do as normal, so I started studying, researching and playing about with cosmetics. I gave some samples to my family and their feedback was so positive that it inspired me to start Awesome Botanical.

I’ve deliberately chosen to create all of our products using only pure essential oils because they’re what help me through my own anxiety. I often use them to help me get to sleep, for example. And I wanted to make products that would bring those added aromatherapy benefits for our customers, as well as smelling awesome!

Now we have a wide range of products that cater to both women and men and provide our customers with everything they need for the ultimate self-care pamper. So whether you’re wanting to uplift or de-stress, we’ve got you covered!

What made you see lockdown as a business opportunity, rather than a risk? 

My hands were so sore from all the hand washing and sanitising, they were in bits. Not long before we went into lockdown, my friend and I had been to a luxury spa for the day; I’d bought some hand cream because of how sore my hands were at the time, but no matter how much of this cream I applied, my hands just weren’t getting any better. I thought if my hands were like this, then there were probably loads of others out there who’s hands were the same. So the first products I launched with Awesome Botanical were the Solid Hand / Foot Balms and our Anti-Microbial Hand Cleansers.

Once I started using these products myself, my hands started to become more nourished and full of moisture again. Now I honestly carry the hand cleansers everywhere! And I apply the hand balm every night before going to bed. Inhaling the scents of lavender as I drift off to sleep is so lovely too – lavender has some amazing benefits with helping you to de-stress and really prepares you for a good night’s sleep.

How do you source your ingredients?

All of our products are handmade by myself; we source the ingredients from our suppliers who are based throughout the UK.

Our main aim was to bring a colourful vibe to our products because as well as the essential oils we use, simply the colour of a product can evoke feelings and emotions of happiness. Our Sweet Orange Whipped Soap, for example, is the one which everyone loves for its uplifting properties, its colour, smell and, of course, the sprinkling of eco-glitter on the top!

Can you tell us a bit more about how essential oils can help to alleviate anxiety?

Essential oils are derived from plants and can be found in different areas, sometimes in the bark or the leaves, other times in the stems, petals and roots. Humans have known about them and used them for thousands of years. But they don’t necessarily treat or cure anything and we don’t make any medical claims to our Awesome Botanical products.

I’ve always had an interest in all things natural. My mum’s side of the family – especially my grandad – always knew about essential oils. He would use diluted tea tree on cold sores, for example, and he swore by it. He also grows so much lavender in his garden, which we now pick in the summer and use in our Lavender Bags. So his interest has always sparked that curiosity in me to learn more about the potential benefits of these oils for personal use. Now I’m able to show my customers that they can feel energised, uplifted, relaxed and nourished simply through the oils infused in our products.


Do you have any advice that may help anyone else who may be feeling particularly anxious at the moment?

My advice would be to take the time to show yourself some self-care. I can’t stress enough how important this has been to me. It’s so easy to think of all the reasons why we haven’t got time to fit self-care into our schedules, but we can fit it in and we should!

Here are some of the ways I try to fit a bit of self-care in at the moment:

1. Getting out in the fresh air for a 30-minute walk every day really helps me. Sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast along the way, other times I just like to listen to the birds.

2. Meditation – I take between 6–10 minutes once a day just to sit and meditate and it’s really made a difference to how I feel.

3. Putting on my favourite song and dancing around the living room!

4. Taking a bath. Long before creating my Awesome Botanical products, I loved a bath. Now, using our products with the essential oils really helps to fill the room full of beautiful scents, which helps me to relax even more.

If you’re feeling at a really low point where you think you need something more than self-care, then I’d strongly recommend seeking a form of counselling. I’ve been there and it is not easy – it’s very daunting to admit that you need help. But there are so many counselling options you can seek through your GP or a charity such as MIND that there will be something out there which can help you. I’d also suggest checking with your employer, as many companies have policies where you can obtain counselling.



You’re an exclusively online shop at the moment, with a number of physical stockists. Is your ambition to have your own bricks-and-mortar shop one day? 

Definitely, I’d love that. But with the current lockdown it’s not something we’ve got planned anytime soon! We did have a pop-up store in Fenwick’s Newcastle Christmas Fayre, though. I absolutely loved the buzz of being in the iconic Fenwick store, meeting all of the customers and been able to chat about how our products have also helped me. I’m really hoping that, as we progress through 2021, more opportunities like this will come up.

What are some of your favourite Awesome Botanical products to use yourself? 

I have so many favourites, but I do love the Sweet Dreams Bath Bomb. Around 90% of the baths I take are in the evening before I go to bed, and my mind is always working so I like to use this one to unwind before lights out.

The Sweet Orange Whipped Soap is my go-to in the morning to wake me up. I love the smell of the zesty orange – it’s almost like washing yourself with fresh orange juice!

And then I have to mention the Citrus Humbug Foot Balm. My feet were so cracked before I used this and now they’re so soft. I’m not scared to get them out in public anymore!

Where are some of your favourite places in the North East to go to and unwind (in normal, non-COVID times)? 

We love going out for afternoon cocktails and I’m particularly partial to a Thai Chili Crush in The Botanist. The rooftop terrace is unbeatable on a nice sunny day with its views of the city. Food-wise, we love Hana Hana – the buzz of the restaurant and the chefs are always amazing, and the food is gorgeous. My go-to banquet meal is always the String of Pearls.  

In the summer, we often cycle into the city centre and have a bite to eat at The Cycle Hub. I love sitting by the river there when the sun is shining. 

My favourite place to go for a walk is anywhere in the North Pennines. It’s not too far to drive and the views are outstanding. It’s also perfect for Boss Man – aka our dog – as he has a slight obsession with sticks, so we try and choose our walks where there aren’t too many lying around!

What do you love most about your job? 

I absolutely love creating the products. I can totally let my mind go and put all my focus into each and every one I create.

When we were in Fenwick, I loved seeing our customer’s faces when they smelled our products. We’d attract someone to our stall and then they’d go and bring their friends or family back the next day to buy from us too. They really engaged with what we were offering, which was amazing. Obviously, our online reviews are always so lovely to read and the 5*s mean so much to us, but when you’re in person it’s just a different connection. It’s brilliant!


What are your hopes for Awesome Botanical for 2021, and beyond?

We have some exciting things planned for 2021. We’ll be bringing some new products out, such as our Bubble Scoops – which are bubble baths in a solid scoop form that crumble under running water – and Epsom Salt Bath Soaks, as I was an avid gym-goer before lockdown and Epsom Salts always help my muscles relax, so I really wanted to add them into our range.

We also plan to launch Subscription Boxes in April. I want to bring a self-care box of goodies to our customers’ doors every month to encourage people to take that time out for themselves. We also have some new scents of Whipped Soaps and Bath Bombs planned for later in the year. And hopefully, when the world goes back to some kind of normal, you’ll be able to find us at markets and fayres around the region again.

If you want to be the first to know when our new products are launched, or if you want to receive exclusive discounts, then sign up to our VIP Club and receive 10% off your first purchase!

To find out more about Awesome Botanical visit their website, Facebook page or Instagram

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