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8 beauty trends we predict will be everywhere in 2021

Written by High Life North
Published 24.02.2021

By Grace Cassidy

It’s been a tough year for everyone in the beauty industry – with salons having to close their doors for a third time with no reopening date in sight, and many of us now having admitted (temporary) defeat and ditched the makeup routines, nails and haircare all together!

But what COVID hasn’t been able to pause is the creativity we’ve seen on social media. In fact, lockdown has presented many beauty boffs with the perfect opportunity to experiment with their look. After all, if you can’t play about when there’s no-one there to witness it, when can you?

What this all means is that, whether you’ve hidden all your make up away or you’ve already turned your home into a makeshift salon, there’s a whole load of new trends coming your way this year – and trust us, you’re gonna wanna have them all down before the grand unveiling of society again.



Set to be the biggest beauty trend this year, ‘skinimalism’ – a term coined by Pinterest – is all about letting your skin breathe and, ultimately, letting your natural beauty glow with a low-key, less-is-more approach to make up.

After what has been (for most of us) a year of going make up-free, a good skincare regime has taken the place of our everyday makeup routines. It seems as less of us reach for the foundation bottle, more of us have invested in face scrubs – and that’s going to pay off big-time. After all, if your natural skin is replacing your foundation, you want it to look and feel as healthy as it can.

There’s been a big shift in attitudes towards skincare over the last year, with experts such as Hyram Yarbro sharing expert info across their social media platforms that allows more of us than ever to educate ourselves on the science behind achieving healthy, dewy and glowing skin naturally.

We spoke to North East based makeup artist Victoria Holdstock about what she thinks of this trend. ‘There’s a big focus on skincare and perfecting complexion that way, instead of using heavy makeup,’ she tells us. ‘With that, I see makeup becoming lighter with less heavy coverage foundations for more breathable, fresh and youthful skin.

‘I see this trend becoming big this year because, with lockdown, skincare has overtaken makeup. We’re indulging a little more in self-care, and what better way to do that than with a boujie skincare routine?’


On the opposite end of the spectrum to skinamilism is colourful eyeliner and ‘80s-inspired eyeshadow. Hey, no-one ever said beauty trends have to complement each other!

Almost paradoxically, because none of us have anywhere to dress up for, we’re actually becoming bolder and more daring with our make up choices. From a simple cat eye-flick to a bold crease outline, the classic black liner is out and, this year, it’s all about fun and creativity – like this look from influencer Kate Elisabeth.

Eyeliner has a bit of a ‘moment’ every year, but it’s set to be particularly popular in 2021 because of all our mask-wearing – we have to attract attention somehow, right?

With the shift away for the huge focus on the ‘90s we’ve seen over the last few years, Instagram has now become full of bright, zany ‘80s-inspired colours. We’ve been loving makeup artist to the stars Katie Jane Hughes’ looks, for example, are beyond here for some of the fun and creativity we’ve seen so far.  


You heard it here first guys: the mullet is back. But this time, it’s not just for the guys.

That’s right ladies – it’s time to release your inner ‘80s punk-rocker and join the likes of Miley Cyrus with the modern mullet.

Not quite your style? Don’t sweat it – the mullet isn’t the only prodigal haircare trend that’s set to make its grand return in 2021. The ‘80s rock-‘n’-roll (or power ballad) blow dry is also set to be huge. Quite literally.

Ok, so this one has probably more likely taken its inspiration from the likes of Cher from Clueless rather than Turn Back Time Cher, but the look is already gaining huge popularity on Tik Tok. So if you want to keep up with the look, the bigger the blow-dry, the better.


So 2021 is all about going big with your hair – but what about your brows?

It should come as little surprise that the fluffy ‘brow is set to be one of 2021’s biggest beauty trends. We’ve been hearing a lot about this one since last summer, but with celebrities and influencers like Madelaine Petsch still choosing to make their ‘brows big, messy and bushy, we don’t think it’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.



Ok, so we call it a fringe here in England, but you catch our drift. Cutting our hair a little shorter at the front should help you seal the deal.

Still in two minds? Check out Matilda Djerfs Instagram and you’ll soon be convinced. She gives us serious hair envy!



This trend is super low maintenance so, naturally, we love it. All it involves is you pulling your hair back into a big clip – what could be easier?

The claw clip is already loved by many celebrities and influencers, including Bella Hadid, Emma Chamberlain and Flossie Clegg, and we can only imagine the list growing as 2021 goes on.





Big bags are all the rage this year – yet surprisingly we’re not talking handbags.

Yep, perhaps it’s the strangest trend on this list, but if you’ve been on Tik Tok recently you will have seen creators revealing their under-eye bags and even drawing them on darker with lipstick and eyeliner, in the newest makeup trend to sweep the app.

We can’t say we understand it, but there you go.

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