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HLN Meets: Dr Helen Marsden Aesthetics

Dr Helen Marsden studied medicine in London and worked as a GP for more than 15 years before specialising in medical aesthetics. Now she’s on hand to rejuvenate you – offering everything from lip fillers and wrinkle relaxations to treatments for chronic migraine and excessive sweating.

Written by Dr Helen Marsden
Published 03.03.2021

Tell us about the medical aesthetic services you provide.

I combine extensive medical and aesthetic training with the finest quality products and an experienced aesthetic eye. My clients want ‘everyone to notice, but no-one to know’ what treatments they’ve had. Subtle rejuvenation and restoration is an art form – and it’s work that I absolutely love!

I provide the full range of injectable aesthetics procedures (dermal filler, wrinkle relaxation and profhilo), as well as WOW fusion (micro needling and mesotherapy combined) and chemical peels. In addition, I offer fabulous skin care with lots of solutions for problematic skin such as pigmentation, acne, redness and ageing.


Some of the services you provide people wouldn’t expect from an aesthetics specialist. 

I’m also trained to treat conditions such as chronic migraine, excessive sweating and teeth grinding, and injections to treat thread veins in the legs. Such treatments can be life-changing and often so hard for patients to access through the NHS.


What are some of the most popular treatments you carry out, Helen?

Areas that I frequently treat in the clinic with dermal filler are lips, cheeks, tear troughs, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, jawline and chin. Other areas include temples, hand rejuvenation, and nose non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Profhilo is a very popular treatment and is growing all the time. It gives great results, and it’s often favoured by people wanting a super-natural result. It’s an injectable treatment – a bio-remodelling treatment that stimulates one’s own collagen production for a tighter, brighter look and healthier, glowing skin. It’s a great way to rejuvenate the signs of ageing and isn’t a dermal filler.

What if your customers don’t know exactly what they want or need?

I like to explain the ageing process to my patients so that they understand the natural forces at work and then the optimal ways to rejuvenate their face.

For example, volume loss in the mid-face accounts for many of the changes with ageing that occur in the lower face, such as nasolabial creases, marionette lines and jowl formation. The cheek also supports the under-eye area. Therefore, it would be remiss of me to treat tear troughs alone if cheek volume required restoration for optimal results. Restoring cheek volume can also have a positive impact on the lower face.

What impact can your medical aesthetic treatments have on your customer’s lives?

My work ranges from subtle ‘tweakments’ through to total transformations.

Some people like a plan to rejuvenate their face, others want help with their acne or with scarring.

I never underestimate the impact of such things on confidence, self-esteem and quality of life because everyone is unique with unique concerns. The improvements can certainly be life changing.


What’s most important to you?

I’m passionate about the safety of my patients and about getting fantastic results for them. I combine decades of medical and aesthetics training to bring the best and safest holistic care, and I believe combining this knowledge and experience with the finest products gives the very best results.

I continually strive to learn more, to evolve and to keep up-to-date with new treatments and procedures. There’s always learning to be done and always better, safer and different ways of doing things to understand.


What’s something our readers may not know about you and your work?

I’m passionate about education and educating others. In my role as a GP, I‘ve been extensively involved in the education of medical students, junior doctors and nurse prescribers. Now in aesthetics, I have the opportunity to continue my love of medical education and I’ve started on the path to becoming an aesthetics trainer – to train other medics in aesthetics specifically. This is with the training academy with whom I originally started my path to aesthetics. It feels wonderful to come full-circle and be able to help others.


To find out more about Dr Helen Marsden and how her work can help you, visit her website, Facebook page or Instagram