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The local mother-daughter businesses partners killing the game

This Mother’s Day, we shine a spotlight on some of the incredible mother and daughter business partners right on our doorstep.

Written by High Life North
Published 13.03.2021

By Becky Hardy

109 General Store

Committed to providing quality and sustainable produce to their customers, Jacqui and Ellie Meyler – the mother and daughter duo behind Heaton’s 109 General Store – have built up their selection of refillable, easily recycled and low-waste products based on what their customers say they want.

Having started their cutting-out-plastic-packaging journey with the milk they provided for neighbouring coffee shop Heaton Perk, 109 now also stock artisan bread, fruit, veg, beans, legumes, coffee, tea and plenty of other everyday staples.

109 Heaton Park Road, Newcastle NE6 5NR

Betty’s Boudoir

At the helm of this independent fashion boutique is Lily and her Mum, Cheryl, but the brand is actually named after Lily’s grandma, Betty – so it’s a real family affair.

‘Working with your Mum is like having the fluffiest blanket wrapped around you!’ Lily tells us. ‘You’re supported from all angles. Mum is ready to jump in and help with anything and everything she can do to make our customers’ experience the best it can be.

‘And although we bicker about the little things, you can’t stay too mad for long because she’s your Mum and, deep down, you know mums are always right! It’s great to have that second opinion that you can 100% trust.’

12 High Street, Sedgefield, Stockton TS21 3AR

Gracie & Belle

No, they’re not called Gracie and Belle! This brand started life at daughter Stephanie’s kitchen table, before moving over to mum Sue’s house where the pair set up a designated studio to create their beautiful, clean-burning candles.

Their luxurious soy candles (which are vegan and cruelty-free, fyi) are hand-poured in small batches and really do complement any home or interior. Together with the variety of glassware and ceramics that they also sell, Gracie & Belle offer the perfectly subtle way to add a little personality and style into your home.

Gracie & Belle

The Great British Cupcakery

The Great British Cupcakery was founded by mother and daughter team Carole and Leoni, who both shared a dream of creating classic and feminine (entirely edible) works of art – just like Leoni’s grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother had done before them.

Both with an eye for detail and a passion for fashion and modern aesthetics, the duo have now created thousands of cakes for every occasion imaginable – adding a little sprinkling of magic to those special moments in their customers’ lives. We can vouch for how delicious their creations are too!

15 Queen Street, Quayside, Newcastle NE1 3UG

NorthburN fragrances

Now with a factory based in Cramlington and a shop in Whitley Bay, Wendy and Laura have worked hard to make their dream of a gorgeous home fragrance brand that blends style, luxury and quality a reality.

Each of their fragrances is created by the duo, and every candle is handcrafted by their team – from hand-blending and pouring the wax right through to straightening out each and every wick – to make sure each of their products is truly unique and beautiful.

Boutique 200, Park View, Whitley Bay NE26 3QP


Green-fingered mother and daughter duo, Linda and Emily Vaughan, have always loved having plants. But a passion which first started in their summerhouse has now spread its roots online and into a new shop on Hartlepool’s Park View industrial estate – turning their hobby into a job they both love doing.

With a dream to bring houseplants into all homes, Plantopia has botany of all shapes and sizes – from hanging plants to cacti, mini plants to dried flowers – and all the planting paraphernalia you could possibly need to bring a slice of the outdoors into your home.

104 York Road, Hartlepool TS26 9DE

Renné Jewellery

Mother-daughter duo Helen and Annie’s shared passion for design and creativity (not to mention their own, very close bond) ignited their jewellery-making journey in 2014, spurring them on to create Renné.

Using ethically-sourced sterling silver, gold and semi-precious stones, they focus on creating classic styles which hold intrinsic value, and pride themselves on the love and attention to detail they put into each and every piece they hand-craft.

8 Grange Road, Darlington DL1 5NG

Something Good

Heading up Jesmond’s environmentally-friendly, plastic-free pantry is mother and daughter team Kim and Lauren Wedderburn.

Inspired by the increasing awareness of how damaging our modern convenience culture is on our environment and our pockets, the pair offer shoppers all of their daily essentials – including cleaning products, toiletries and food – without the packaging.

‘Having my Mam as the other half of the team at Something Good is the best!’ says Lauren. ‘I’m not sure how many people can say they’ve known their work colleague their whole life! But that means she knows just how to pick me up when things are tough, and never entertains any thoughts of giving up. And she’s definitely taught me to celebrate even the little things when it’s going well. Like doing our dance when we here the ‘ping’ of an order coming in, or blasting our song while we tidy up when we close after a good day!’

265 Jesmond Road, Newcastle NE2 1LB

West Barn Co.

Professional make up artist Kim harnessed her mum Donna’s expertise in cosmetics and, together, they’ve produced a whole range of beauty products – including the original Soap Brows. Now, even Beyoncé’s make-up artist stocks them.

‘For me, the best thing about working with my Mam is spending time together,’ says Kim. ‘Time is so precious. We work hard, but we do laugh a lot too! I feel very lucky to have my Mam and really do appreciate every day that we spend together, even the days we disagree!’

‘As a mother, it’s a real privilege to work with my daughter,’ Donna says. ‘I get to spend all this extra time with her that, in other circumstances, I simply wouldn’t be able to. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses in a way that only exists between a mother and her child, and we have an unspoken language that understands without any explanation. We can also be very vocal, as anyone who works with us will verify! But we laugh a lot and share the responsibility with an unmatchable trust.’

Unit 8, St John’s Road, Meadowfield Industrial Estate, Durham DH7 8TZ


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