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Your guide to surviving at-home workouts

Summer (and post-lockdown living) is coming…

Written by High Life North
Published 23.03.2021

By Rebecca Redford

It’s that time of year again where we blink and, before we know it, summer is upon us.

But for those of us who’d normally be cramming in the gym sessions in a desperate attempt to tone up and shed our winter weight before bikini season, there’s more pressure than ever to stick to the home workouts this springtime.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been thankful for the many fitness apps available to us which have (largely) succeeded in keeping us motivated. So we’ve put our heads together and have selected our top picks – all of our favourite tech, apps and equipment to use during your home workouts for this final push before gyms reopen.



Shreddy is a fitness app that has really changed the game in the fitness community. Founded by Grace Beverley, this app provides you with recipes, workouts and allows you to connect with others using the app. The service this app provides is unique to you – simply enter your weight, age and your personal goals and a bespoke programme is designed. And with 11 different fitness plans to work with, your exercise routine will never be boring again.



The Courtney Black Fitness App has been described as ‘your pocket PT’, and we couldn’t agree more. This app offers you a series of workouts, as well as a calculator which allows you to count your calories and macros to ensure you have the correct nutrition intake. You’re also able to track your progress, which is ideal motivation to keep going.


A new app to enter the market this year is the Beyond App. Claiming to boost your positivity and wellbeing, Beyond also offers a journaling feature alongside workouts and healthy recipes produced by The Good Bite. This new app has already taken the market by storm, with many users claiming the workouts combined with the journaling element have been a saviour for their mental health.


Although all of these apps provide fitness routines that don’t require equipment, we know that some of you will still be keen to get that gym-time feeling from your living room.

Unsure where to start? Here’s the equipment really worth investing in to push yourself to your limits – without breaking the bank.

Dumbbells – The perfect addition to any workout, the use of these during pretty much any exercise will activate your muscles even more and encourage muscle growth, improve flexibility and even boost your coordination. Handy, eh?

Skipping Rope – Skipping burns an impressive number of calories and leads to stronger bones, so why not finish off your workout with 10-15 minutes of jumping rope and really get your blood pumping?

Resistance Band – Would it be too far to say that these things were created by the devil?! Whoever the designer, the added burn you feel after working out with one of these bad lads is next level – but worth it. They come in a variation of strengths, so choose wisely!

Sliders – Sliders are used to create an unsteady surface for when you’re working out, in order to really engage those muscles. Intensify your workout with sliders and we promise you’ll reap the rewards.

Foam Roller – Not necessarily to be added into your workout, but sooo essential for afterwards! Aftercare can easily be forgotten but it’s vital to your progress (and general health) long-term, so get stretching and activate your circulation to protect your muscles from damage.



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