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The Lust List – 28 April 2020

The items our Editor is lusting after this week.

Written by Laura Kingston
Published 27.04.2021

Weighted Hula Hoop

Burn calories whilst reliving one of our childhood activities? Yes, please.

This 1kg weighted hula hoops helps you burn calories, slim your waistline and strengthen your core. Plus, it’s fun and that’s what counts. Just move all of the ornaments (and the cat) out of the way first.

Passive Speaker – School’s Out

These speakers naturally amplify music and sound from your phone due to their unique design, which uses three pieces of hardwood cut specifically to create channels that amplify any sound. The limited-edition School’s Out design has been made with 60-year-old benches from Whickham Comprehensive school. The art bench went into the school in 1962 and came out during a refurb in 2019 and is made of Sapele and Beech.

The art bench has been cleaned and oiled, but otherwise, no alternations have been made – you can see every dent, etching, scratch and even staples that have been hammered into the desk over the decades.

Perfect for picnics, trips to the beach or park, or for listening to music in the kitchen or bathroom, since there’s no batteries or power supply needed.

Vanilla & Sandalwood Candle

This teeny small business in Northumberland creates the most gorgeously scented vanilla and sandalwood soy wax candle. It looks super chic and is a steal at £6.00. Buy one for yourself and all of your friends.

Hear No Evil Astronaut Chimpanzee

This fella caught our eye the first time we visited the Fire and Co. showroom and we’ve been thinking about him ever since. He’s got two friends too, if you’re into threesomes.

Ruffle-Trim Denim Shirt

Perfect for an evening in the beer garden, this is a denim shirt with a difference. It’s super flattering – we’ll be pairing it with white jeans and tan accessories.


Because in typical British weather style, we’re all reaching for a pair while we’re sat wrapped in a puffa jacket.

Laura Kingston, High Life North Magazine
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