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Turns out Fire & Co. – our interiors Expert In Residence – are waaaaay more than their 7,000 sq-ft showroom

Written by Skye-Aexander Ferry
Published 15.05.2021

In Partnership with Fire & Co

By Becky Hardy

So, we already know how incredible Fire & Co.’s South Shields showroom is; having been regular visitors for a while now, we were among the first to visit as soon as they reopened their doors back in April.

With 7,000 square feet of interiors concepts, furnishings, ornaments and designs, all having been brought together under the trained eyes of experts and supplied by manufacturers who are rarely seen anywhere else in the UK, every visit here uncovers yet another completely unique item we soon find ourselves unable to live without.

But what we hadn’t fully appreciated was the value of their in-house interiors design service.

Maybe that’s because we like to think we have more than a little creativity ourselves – surely if it’s our home, we should be the ones designing it, right? Then again, we dress ourselves every day, but often find that as soon as celebrities hire a professional stylist, they seem to level-up their look overnight. And we’ve had too many dodgy, self-trimmed fringes in our time to even contemplate the idea that we’d ever try and style our own hair again.

We digress. But our point is this: they’re called experts for a reason, guys.

That being said, we’d never suggest you go into anything blindly. That’s why we caught up with Director Skye-Alexander Ferry, to find out just how Fire & Co.’s interior design service could work for you…

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Who is Fire & Co.’s interior design service for?

Turns out, it’s for just about anyone – anyone with an interest in home improvements, anyway.

‘Whether you’re looking to redesign just one room or orchestrate a full house renovation, we can help’ Skye says. ‘At Fire & Co., we take the time to create an interior story. Looking at the functionality of your space and helping you use it effectively is of the upmost importance to us.’

But don’t fall into the trap of thinking Fire & Co is just for homeowners – local businesses can also benefit for the interior design service here.

‘Yes, we also design commercial spaces,’ says Skye. ‘Bars, restaurants, coffee shops, salons, even stores.’

There are a variety of price points depending on the size of the project, starting from £175.

What are the benefits?

A chance to ‘try before you buy’, as it were. At Fire & Co., the in-house interior designers can create a 3D visual projection of your project: meaning you can try out themes and concepts for your space without any collateral damage if you change your mind.

But more than anything, you’re literally getting the advice of the experts. Sure, you may have creativity in bucketloads, but when it comes to utilising your space to the very best advantage, a few insider’s tips and tricks can only ever be a good thing. And at Fire & Co., that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice expressing your individuality, either.


‘We understand interior design can sometimes feel daunting,’ Skye explains. ‘We like to look at creating a design story that reflects not only our client’s needs, but also their desires.

‘By taking time to get to know our clients, we’re able to create a functional and stylish space that helps them recognise their own style by drawing on their individuality. Once we have the final concept, we then look at sourcing products that fit within that style.’


How does it work?

We’ll let Skye take the reins on this one.

‘We start off with an initial call-out to see the space,’ says Skye. ‘There we work out how the light affects the room and discuss your needs and initial thoughts. We can also work from plans if the project hasn’t been built yet, or if it’s a fair distance from our location.

‘Once we have the initial scheme, we create a vibe board using information and direction gathered from you. We look for inspiration in prints, art, fashion, textures, and materials to focus our designs around.

‘We then create two concepts to present to you; once we’ve narrowed it down to one, we create an overall vibe board.

‘What comes next is the fun part – where we start to collate pieces that complement the size and space, diving into fabric samples and looking at colours and textures to help create the overall feel of the room.

‘Once you’re happy with the products we’ve selected, we create a full 3D render. The design is signed off by you and we start ordering the products in.


How is Fire & Co.’s interior design service different from the rest?

Let’s be honest – their 7,000 square-feet of showroom doesn’t hurt, does it? We can personally vouch for the fact that Fire & Co. is the answer to every interior enthusiast’s prayers. As well as being chock-full of gorgeous, enviably unique furniture and decorative items, the sheer size of their showroom means that Fire & Co. can demonstrate just how certain styles, collections and concepts can work together within a real, room-sized space.

‘It also helps that we have a large retail aspect to the business,’ explains Skye. ‘This allows us access to exclusive brands and designers, meaning we’re able to source bespoke products which help create something truly unique for you. And, with the use of our Independent Hub, we can also call on local designers and businesses in the North East to help create not only a functional and stylish space, but also a space of the highest quality.’

Any top tips, Skye?

When it comes to decorating any space, Skye’s got one piece of advice that never fails.

‘Your interior or commercial space is a self-reflection of who you are as a person or brand,’ he says. ‘Picking a colour that makes you feel good and evokes an emotional reaction in you can translate the same positive energy into your interior. This will help convey your own personal sense of style which, combined with good lighting, will dramatically change the mood of any space.’

If you’re interested in using Fire & Co.’s interior design service and would like to find out more information, visit their website, Facebook page or Instagram

Or drop into their showroom and say hello: Fire & Co. Newcastle Showroom, Simonside Industrial Estate, Shaftesbury Avenue, South Shields NE34 9PH

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