A step-by-step guide to manifesting your best life

Written by Iona May Todd
Published 05.06.2021

If you’re feeling lost between knowing your rising sign from your sun sign, and those two from your star sign, you’re not alone. But with the exploration of spirituality on the up across social media, it turns out that being in touch with your inner goddess and your lifelong dreams is a whole lot simpler than it first seems.

You don’t chase in life, you attract – simple as that. And with this step-by-step guide into manifestation, together we can take a deep dive into how to turn our reality into the world according to us.



The Law Of Attraction

Let’s start with the basics. It might sound a little science-y but don’t worry – your dream life is close.

The act of manifestation dates back to the 19th century, during a period of ‘new thought’. The belief was that, through the act of articulating something you desire in your life and pretending you already have it – whilst being grateful for all you already do have – then the rewards from The Universe can be tangible.

The same belief is also covered by popular Netflix documentary, The Secret, (we’d recommend, btw). It defines the law of attraction in relation to your positive output, your mind and the energy you put out into the world.


Now we’d forgive you for thinking we sound a little far-fetched here, like we’ve gone into full sci-fi mode, but humour us for a sec. The more you think good thoughts and put out positive energy, the more you tend to have a better day, right? So, in simple terms, manifestation is the belief that the energy you put out will be attracted back to you in physical form – and, of course, we want that to be a good kind of energy.

With us so far? Ok, now let’s change it up a little. Think about waking up to a rosy sunrise and affirming to ourselves that today is going to be a great day. Let’s think about how our co-workers won’t distract us and that, today, we’re going to thrive. It already makes things a little better, doesn’t it? So, let’s keep going.


Step 1: Gratitude

Let’s start with that gratitude we were talking about.

Grab your journal or diary (or simply a piece of paper) and note down all the things that first spring to mind when you stop and thank your lucky stars. Is it family? Friends? Is it electricity or water supply? Your health? It can be anything from your breakfast to your team’s win the other night. And you may even realise along the way that you actually have a few more things to be grateful for than you first thought.



Step 2: Considering Our Manifestations and Desires

It’s important that, once you’ve considered your gratitude for what you have, you reflect on the things you want, and how you wish to enter into your future.

You got something? Think carefully about it. We don’t want any of our dreams to harbour superficiality or any energy which can be too egocentric. And we definitely don’t want to manifest any bad vibes towards anything or anyone else.

Want to manifest washboard abs for yourself? Well, instead, why not ask The Universe for super physical health? Abs will be a by-product of this health, but they will come to you in a more centred, lasting manner.

Want money? Let’s ask for wealth and financial abundance in our career. Knowing that what you are asking The Universe for is only in the name of the highest good, to the harm of no-one else, allows your manifestations to have the most power and to benefit you in the long-term – more than having a little extra cash in the short.

Step 3: Scripting

Keep that journal at hand – you’re going to need it.

Let’s create a formula into how a simple manifestation can be scripted. In your journal, write something that looks a little like this:

‘I am so grateful’ + the physical feeling + your desire

So, for example, you could script your manifestation like this:

‘I am so grateful, my chest feels warm, now that my job interview went well and the manager offered me the job on the spot.’

Let’s break this down.

You might not have had your job interview yet, but it’s vital that we write in present tense. If we truly convince The Universe and ourselves of that job being ours, then we’re a whole lot closer to it being true. This act outputs our positive energy in relation to this specific situation, attracting that positive element back.

Step 4: Visualisation

Putting our journal aside and venturing into the real world, the act of visualising our manifestations in as much detail as if they were a memory is a process to give our manifestations more power.

Don’t worry if you struggle visualising in detail, the act of your trying is enough.

Are you too busy in your day to do this? Don’t fret – one of the best ways this step can be done is in bed. No, really. As you close your eyes and feel yourself falling asleep, start to play out your dream coming true in real life.

Think about your outfit for that job interview. Think about how you’d travel there. Think about sitting down and introducing yourself. Play the conversation in your head. Then think about the manager’s reaction to you, what they’d say to you. Then think about them smiling, saying: ‘I’d like to offer you the job’.

How does that make you feel? Where do you feel it? Do you feel it in your tummy? A fullness in your chest? An excitement which turns your head dizzy? Recreate that feeling as much as you can.

Step 5: Affirmations

Like we said before, affirmations are a vital device in your toolbox for manifesting.

Whether you’re in the mirror telling yourself how much you’re going to impress that interviewer, or you’re telling yourself throughout the day how you’re going to nail those interview questions, anything goes here – but, most importantly, be your own hype-man.

Doing this can help influence your subconscious. By truly believing your manifestations will be real, you attract them all the more.

Step 6: Letting Go and Trusting The Universe

Last step! And this one is the easiest, because you just have one thing to do – nothing.

That’s it, you just go on with your life, with your manifestations sent off. You already know you will achieve them, so when your manifestation appears to you in the most unexpected, natural manner, you’ll barely be surprised. You’ve trusted The Universe and you’ve been rewarded.

So, are you ready? We leave you with the tools and send you off with the ability to manifest your best life. Good luck!