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How to get your feet summer sandal-ready

Step into summer smoothly

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 23.06.2021

By Rachael Nichol

Sandal season is finally here! It’s time to take off those fluffy socks and boots and pull out those sandals from the back of your wardrobe.

It’s so easy to forget about our feet in our beauty regime when we’ve been hiding them away over winter. But with summer now upon us, our tootsies need some TLC.

We’re not sure about you, but our winter feet are looking dry, tired and not all that pretty… Not up to the standard of complementing our super-cute sandals that we’ve been dying to wear since the January sales, anyway.

From filing and moisturising to therapy, here’s our fantastic footcare tips to get rid of all that dry, dead skin and get your little piggies looking summer-ready…

A foot peeling pedicure to flake that dry skin away

We must admit, there’s something so satisfying about filing off dry skin. Weird, we know, but it’s just so therapeutic. Halo’s instant-peeling, 3-piece pedicure set is ideal for revealing the natural beauty of your feet.

Filled with natural ingredients like Swiss glacier water, aloe vera leaf juice and eucalyptus leaves, the Lova I Skin Instant Foot Peeling Spray and double-sided foot file are all you need to scrape off your dead skin cells.

In less than two minutes, your feet will be silky-smooth, hydrated and ready to step into those sandals. And even better allows 25 treatments to keep your feet looking fabulous over the whole of summer.

Nail Polish Direct, Halo Gel Nails Instant Foot Peeling Pedicure Beauty Set (3 Piece), £49.95

Foot masks – because moisturising masks aren’t just for your face

We know how nice it feels to have a face mask on after a long, hard day, so imagine that same feeling but on your feet. They’re soooo satisfying – especially if you’ve been on your feet all day.

Magic Hour is a unique foot mask-sock treatment. The socks have an inner layer soaked in a serum of Lactic Acid and 35 botanical ingredients, and an outer protective layer which creates a sauna-like effect to enhance absorption. That spa day-feel, right in your own home: what’s not to love? The innovative formula is proven to gently yet effectively remove rough and dead skin to deliver baby-soft feet in just one treatment.

STARSKIN, Magic Hour, £13.00


Time to relax with a reflexology treatment

When you’re on your feet all day, there’s nothing worse than the feeling of aching feet. So take time away from the hustle and bustle of life and treat yourself to a reflexology treatment – they work wonders on those worn-out winter feet. Reflexology is a non-intrusive health therapy that helps to normalise the body’s functions and encourages a self-healing process. But how does it work?

Pressure is applied to the reflex points on the feet; imbalances can be detected and worked upon to stimulate the circulation and flow of energy throughout your body.

Not only does this treatment help rejuvenate our feet and relieve pain, but it can also help improve our ​mental health and feeling of wellbeing and even improve our sleep patterns. And, relax…

R and R Holistic Therapy, Reflexology



Leg & Foot Energising Treatment – give your toes a new lease of life

Are your feet and legs just in need of some general TLC? This treatment is for you.  Give those tired feet a boost of energy to bring your toes back to life, ready for all your summer gatherings.

Focusing on the feet and lower leg, Beauty Revealed exfoliate with a super moisturising and invigorating scrub, followed by a relaxing and lymph draining massage before cooling, refreshing moisturiser is applied to make your legs feel weightless.

Even just 30 mins of pampering can mean walking around in those summer sandals becomes much more enjoyable.

Beauty Revealed, Massages, From £30.00

Stop hiding your toes – get a fungal nail treatment that works

Fungal nail infections can feel so embarrassing – it’s natural to just want to hide your feet away and never speak of it again! But apart from the fact that this could make the infection worse, we shouldn’t have to keep wearing our socks on the hottest days of the year.

Tried various treatments before but they haven’t worked? We feel you. But luckily, we’ve stumbled upon Clearanail. A revolutionary treatment offered by Newcastle Foot Clinic, Clearanail uses an innovative micro-penetration concept to make sure that topical treatments can then reach the whole of the infection, rather than just scratching at its surface. Plus, you’ll see results in just two weeks. Incredible, right?!

Newcastle Foot Clinic, Clearanail

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