Soul-searching? You can’t beat the highs of a sunrise

We hear you – early mornings aren’t usually our friend, either. But it turns out soaking up the sunrise has plenty of wellbeing benefits

Written by High Life North
Published 27.06.2021

By Claire Pickersgill

Recharge. Revitalise. Reconnect.

Looking to start your day with an infusion of positivity and happiness? Well, a sumptuous sunrise could be just the energy fix you need to embrace the new day ahead.

Summer solace is upon us, the mornings are lighter and, although it can be tempting to hit snooze, those who succumb to the early morning alarm in time for sunrise (around 4.30am in the Summer months) are reaping the benefits of this magical and precious time of the day.


They don’t call it magic hour for no reason – this is a moment to experience the awakening of the planet, get lost in the occasion and enjoy the miracle of dawn. Be inspired as the sky fills with breath-taking colours and take the time to appreciate the sublime spectacle of the sun and the power of nature.


Sunrise is seen by many as an opportunity for meditation and the ideal time of day to create a relaxed state of mind. In a world where we sometimes work and live at a thousand miles an hour, this is a perfect moment to spend a little time with just ‘you’.



With fewer distractions, early mornings can also be a key time to make plans and work on ideas. While the world is snoozing get your game plan together, get the creative juices flowing and let the warmth of the sun in all its glory inspire those new ideas.


The sun is a magnificent ball of energy, and the right balance of the sun’s rays can have mood-lifting and recharging benefits. It’s thought that exposure to sunlight can increase the brain’s release of the hormone serotonin, which is known to inspire positivity and help you feel calmer and more focussed.

Where to go?

There are so many benefits of catching a golden, glowing sunrise. Quite simply, it can be a moment in time taken to appreciate and recognise the beauty that’s around you every day, giving you a better sense of gratitude for the natural world. Every sunrise is an invitation to see nature unfold the treasure of a new day, as this beautiful phenomenon paints the sky with a glorious greeting.

Not only is a sunrise free, but it’s also something you don’t need to venture to an exotic location to witness. You can simply watch from your garden, if the mood takes you. But if you’re up, why not make the moment even more magical by visiting a stunning local landscape?

In the North East, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to sunrise-seeking spots. Here are our Top 5 ‘musts’:

1. Seaburn Beach. A sandy spot nestled along the North East coastline with the backdrop of Roker Pier sweeping out to sea, Seaburn Beach is a perfect spot to awaken the senses with the added white noise of soothing ocean waves.

2. Grab a spot on the banks of the River Tees with the Transporter Bridge, a symbol of Teesside since 1911, as your backdrop – greeting your sunrise with an industrial twist.

3. Tynemouth Longsands, aka ‘surfer’s paradise’. Head down at first light to this stunning stretch of sand and maybe even catch some waves at this ever-popular seascape.


4. Roseberry Topping. Although technically in North Yorkshire, a climb to the top of this natural beauty spot will allow you to capture and absorb stunning views of the North East in all its glory.

5. Bamburgh Castle. A photographer’s dream, the view of sunrise from the beach here with the iconic castle sitting proudly above is truly awe-inspiring.

So, what are you waiting for? Set the alarm and start your day soaking up the sun’s vibrant energy and enjoy an infusion of positivity that’ll have you walkin’ on sunshine all day long.


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