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Beauty Edit: How to get the fake freckle trend

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 19.08.2021

Gone are the days of being caked in heavy makeup, the natural no-makeup-makeup look is here to stay.

For years we’ve been covering up our freckles with layers of foundation thinking our freckles are a flaw. But fresh freckled faces made their mark on this year’s fashion runways, and we’re obsessed.

Charming, youthful, and selective freckles are one of the hottest beauty trends this summer, meaning it’s time to embrace the au natural look by becoming comfortable in our own skin and revealing our beauty spots.

If you’re blessed to be decorated with freckles this beauty trend is right up your street but if you aren’t we know just the faux freckle treatments and products that’ll give you that sun-kissed look all year round without the sun damage.


Invest in a freckle pen


Yes, freckle pens are a real thing and make our lives so easy when creating faux freckles. Pick the right shade for your skin tone and all you need to do is drop the brush in the product or give the pen a shake and apply tiny dots across your nose, forehead, and cheeks.

To get that natural freckled look tap the brush lightly onto your skin until you have the amount of freckles you need. Practice definitely makes perfect with this product.

Our tip to creating a realistic look? Make sure you add space between freckles mimicking how freckles are naturally spaced. Or if you’re wanting a bold finish gradually build your freckles up into clusters and try mixing different shades for a dimensional look.

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Use a freckle stencil


If the art of creating fake freckles freehand is making you cringe with fear, don’t worry these cheeky stencils will help you know where to place the freckles without leaving you looking like you’ve been splashed with some mud – not a good look.

Place the stencil across your nose and/or forehead and use makeup to fill in the areas where the freckles should be and voila, you’ll have that youthful, freckled finish in no time.

Create adorable freckles without stressing about ruining your look. If you want your freckles to last, apply a setting spray to the skin after you’re done to keep everything in place.

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Try out a henna kit


Known for creating gorgeous, long-lasting works of art on the skin, henna has been used for centuries in hair and beauty remedies and treatments and now it’s being used for creating faux freckles, too.

By using the cone, you can apply henna to create freehand freckles on your face. This kit will turn you into a pro for creating freckles in no time at all. Lightly tap the henna after you’ve applied it to the skin to help set it and keep freckles in place.


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Get some semi-permanent freckles


Wanting something that’ll last longer? This is the perfect semi-permanent makeup treatment if you’re wanting freckles through all seasons. The procedure lasts 1 to 1.5 hours and mimics the look of natural freckles by placing pigment into the skin that can last up to three years.

We know what you’re thinking… why fake freckles? We caught up with Salt Studio owner Rachael Sweeney who offers freckle treatment to find out.

“I think everyone wants sun-kissed skin all year round. They add character and youthfulness to the face, and when done well, can contour while enhancing facial features. Girls that have freckles tell me how they hated them when they were younger and now they’re embracing them and I love that. But I also think the Instagram freckle filters have a lot to with it too.

Freckle placement is important and needs planning with precise placement to avoid them looking fake. Every design is unique to each client and their facial features. I like to scatter them around the cheeks and nose and place them asymmetrically so that they look as natural as possible.”


Book your treatment at Salt Studio

Buy a BB Cream


Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you lucky ladies blessed with natural freckles. There’s no need to hide them away any longer, with these BB creams you’ll get that light coverage giving you a glow without hiding your beautiful speckles.

Not only will you be bang on trend, but you’ll get all the hydration, anti-ageing properties and SPF protection that your need. In Summer our skin needs to breathe, and these creams are perfect for that cooling feel across the warmer months.

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