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Sunday sit-down with…Zoë Tyler

We spoke with the award-winning celebrity vocal coach, West End’s leading lady and former Loose Woman Zoë Tyler about how she got into show business, her career highlights and what to expect at the Lunch and Laughs Live Tour.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 27.08.2021

She’s a National Television Award winner, a BAFTA nominee and one of the UK’s top TV voice coaches – Zoë Tyler is definitely not one to shy away from the limelight.

Zoë has helped bring hundreds of budding singers into the industry whilst working alongside big names like Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber in the BBC’s How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria and Any Dream Will Do. She has also taken centre stage as the leading lady in West End hit musicals Joseph and Les Misérables.

And we’ll be meeting the musical legend again when she returns to Newcastle for the fabulous Lunch and Laughs Live Tour. It’s safe to say that we love nothing more than putting the world to rights over a glass of fizz here at HLN – which is just what we can expect from this star-studded show.

We caught up with Zoë Tyler to find out about her favourite West End role, what advice she’d give to any women who want to get into show business and why we should come along to the tour.


What should we expect at the Lunch and Laughs Live Tour?

I’ve been working alongside Beautiful Events & Productions to give back what everybody’s been starved of during the pandemic ­– the chance to get out, enjoy a great meal and a few drinks.

Carol McGiffin, Lisa Maxwell, Claire Sweeney, Kate Thornton, Rustie Lee and I have a lot of history and we’re all from different walks of life. So, we’re probably not going to talk about things like daily events. Instead, we’ll talk about how we know each other, our career highlights, and the highs and lows of our lives.

You’ll get the chance to ask us questions ­– which is bound to cause some laughs. And Rustie is cooking up something special in the second half, which is going to be fun. I’ll also be performing and we’ll be doing a few surprise makeovers.


Why should our readers come along?

I love going out for lunch with my girlfriends for a catch up. It’s a great time of day when we’re feeling most awake, And if you’ve got kids, you can be back home before the end of school.

You get a glass of bubbly on arrival and a goody bag as you leave. You can go shopping at local business stalls, have your lunch, and enjoy plenty of laughs. There’s a lot packed in. I’ve actually already packed my bag!

We’ve got fabulous sponsors like Britain Loves Baking, who helped get families baking in the pandemic. We’ll also be raising funds to support Make 2nds Count, which helps people living with secondary breast cancer.

Why is it important for women to talk openly with each other?

Women have voices and we’re are much more opinionated than men, so it’s very important. We have a lot more to say and we like to get our points across.

It’s good to disagree. It doesn’t mean you can’t like somebody because they disagree with you. If we all agreed it would be very dull. The importance of friends is massive. You get all the highs talking from friends; it’s something you can’t really describe, and it’s crucial in life.

What inspired you to get involved in the music industry?

I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do anything else! At first, I wanted to be a musician. I actually wanted to be a violinist, and then I changed direction. I started doing cabaret at 15, before I got an opportunity when I was 18 to perform in London. That move was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What is your career highlight?

Probably my very first live show, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria, on BBC. I just remember turning to John Barrowman and freaking out: oh my god, this is live! But once you’ve done it, you’ve done it.

That show was really special to me because it was an eye-opener to the life of TV, after doing stage musicals for so long. TV is just completely different. That’s when I moved on to do more vocal coaching and judging ­– it was tough being a judge.

What’s been your favourite West End role?

One of my favourite performances was when Rustie and I toured for six months in Smokey Joe’s Cafe; we didn’t stop laughing because we lived together for the whole tour. That was probably the most fun.

For me, the most emotional performance was playing Eva Cassidy in Over The Rainbow because it was such a harrowing story. I knew I could sing the songs, but the whole script and getting into character made it probably one of the most challenging I’ve ever had. But also the most enjoyable.


What advice would you give to any women from the North East who are wanting to get onto the West End stage?

Be strong because the first knockback is the hardest. But it does get easier as you get more experience. Sometimes you think having your talent is enough, but it’s not.

You’ve got to keep training. Having the right support around you helps a lot too.  It’s the most beautiful thing in the world to have music in your heart. There’s nothing like it. So stay strong and believe in yourself.

What’s next for you?

I run my own talent agency, Zoë Tyler International, where we’ve found some fantastic talent who’ve performed across the world, so I’m pretty busy with my time here in Florida. And I’ve done my first American TV show and living in Hollywood for a month. I’m lucky to enjoy a career on both sides of the water, but I’m very busy.

Perhaps, at some point, I’d like to go back into musicals, as there are some roles I’d love to play. In Mamma Mia, for example.

To find out more about Zoë, visit her agency’s website.



This event is now sold out, but HLN has two VIP tickets to give away. Visit our Competition page to enter, here. 

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