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HLN meets… Daint Jewellery

We caught up with Kim White, the creative talent behind Northumberland’s classic, bohemian and sustainable jewellery brand that’s been making waves in the North East

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 09.09.2021

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A trip to the other side of the world gives a chance to reflect and find some new inspiration in life. And that’s exactly how Kim White found her calling to set up Daint Jewellery.

Her creative flair and imagination flourished during her trip to Australia back in 2019, where she was captivated by Sydney’s beaches’ natural, bohemian and minimalist style. But it was when she found herself swooning over beautiful sterling silver jewellery stalls at Sydney’s markets that she had a brain wave to set something up herself.

After returning from her travels down under, Kim’s dream soon became a reality. A 12-week silversmithing course and a few lockdowns later, Kim’s talent began to grow and she fell in love with every aspect of jewellery making.

Using sterling silver, gemstones and hand-picked sea glass from Northumberland beaches, Kim creates classic styles that take us from season to season. Dedicated to detail and bringing love and attention into each design, Kim makes every piece made to order – meaning every treasure is unique to each customer. 

We caught up with Kim to find out what a typical day looks like for her, where she gets the inspiration for her dainty designs and why being a sustainable business is important to her…

What is Daint Jewellery all about? 

Daint Jewellery is about attention to detail and it’s my goal to create jewellery that’s a perfect gift for a loved one or as a special treat for yourself. I believe jewellery is a beautiful extension of yourself, and daintiness and minimalism are the key concepts behind my designs. I focus on creating jewellery that’s high quality over high quantity and create timeless, classic designs that can be worn every day.

My designs are made using sterling silver, which, unlike plated jewellery, doesn’t fade; they can survive the wear and tear of everyday life and be cherished for a lifetime. With some designs having the option to personalise, Daint Jewellery can be made even more special and personal to you. 



Where do you get the inspiration for your gorgeous designs?

Many different elements inspire my designs. I’m inspired by textures in nature, beautiful gemstones and subtle shapes. Another element is something I physically use in some of my creations – sea glass.

Growing up in Northumberland, I have always enjoyed spending time on the beach, and this is where I search for sea glass to use in my Northumberland Sea Glass collection. Sea glass is such an inspirational material for me to use as it’s so fulfilling to know I can transform something that was once waste into lovely keepsake jewellery.

I also get inspiration for my designs from my customers, especially when I’m at Tynemouth Market on Sunday’s. It’s a great opportunity to speak and see what my customers love the most and I always make sure I have a sketchpad handy for when a new idea springs to mind.

Why is jewellery important in our lives?

Giving jewellery as a gift is so lovely because it can be a true token of love and friendship. There’s often a story behind every piece of gifted jewellery. I love wearing a piece that reminds me of someone special or has a sentimental meaning behind it. Jewellery can be cherished and passed on through generations and wearing it can make us feel so special.

I love completing my outfit with all my favourite jewels. This is when I feel my best and most confident. The balance between beautiful, giftable jewellery that makes us feel confident is everything I strive for Daint Jewellery to be.


Talk us through your jewellery making process?

My day starts in my little workshop at home with a coffee in one hand and a to-make list in the other. I then make my way through both online and custom orders. I’m a firm believer in high-quality artistry rather than fast fashion. Focusing on hand-making all pieces ensures that care and attention to detail have gone into making every order.

It doesn’t stop there – I package all orders and post them myself too. I love making Daint Jewellery the perfect unboxing experience. Everything is beautifully packaged in 100% eco-friendly materials, including a branded jewellery box that can be re-used to store jewellery.

You mentioned that you have 100% eco-friendly packaging, why is it important for you to be a sustainable business?

I think it’s important as it will help raise awareness to customers and inspire them to make more eco-conscious decisions themselves. Actively seeking out sustainable options is something I believe all businesses should be working towards. Although I’m not perfect, I’m always looking for eco-friendly alternatives and revaluating current methods of practice in my business.

Having 100% recyclable packaging is just one of the small steps I’ve taken on my sustainable journey. I am working on so many more, including ensuring I don’t overproduce stock, recycle silver scraps in new designs and use suppliers that minimise plastic use. Some of these steps may be small, but they’re all efforts to minimise the impact on the environment.



What do you love the most about having your own business?

I enjoy being my own boss and having transformed a hobby that makes me so happy into my career. Revolving a business around something that I love and can put all my passion and energy into is so fulfilling, especially when I receive feedback from my amazing customers.

I also enjoy all the other elements that come with running a small jewellery business, such as marketing, IT/website building, social media, photography and finance. I’m very hands-on, love anything that involves being creative, and I’m keen to learn new skills.

What’s next for Daint Jewellery? 

Christmas is at the forefront of my mind, which might sound crazy to some, but it feels like it’s just around the corner for me. I’m already working on new designs for my Winter Collection and hope to sell at lots of local markets in the North East as well as keeping my regular spot at Tynemouth Market. My jewellery can be found in the wonderful Eco Morpeth, too

My goal is to make Daint Jewellery even more accessible by branching out to more local and independent stores by the end of this year.

Shop Daint Jewellery’s stunning collection by visiting Kim’s website. 

Daint –Tiny Dimpled Circle Necklace – £29.00

Daint – Amazonite Stud Earrings – £36.00

Daint – Aqua Blue Pottery Bead Bracelet – £20.00

Daint – Rose Quartz Hoops – £44.00

Daint – Personalised Recycled Pebble Necklace – £29.00

Dalmatian Spotted Jasper Hoops Regular price £21.00

Daint – White Northumberland Sea Glass Ring – £29.00

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