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Meet Patternum Tiles – the artisan tilemakers who work with recycled and recyclable materials to create iconic designs for your home

With an emphasis on bespoke craftsmanship – or, should we say, crafts-woman-ship – Patternum Tiles’ geometric designs and nature-inspired patterns are guaranteed to bring a little timelessness, elegance and individuality into your home.

Written by Becky Hardy
Published 28.10.2021

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With more than 20 years’ experience in the creative industry, Patternum Tiles’ creative director, Anna Vesele, knows her way around an iconic design or two. 

Armed with a diploma in Leather Art, a practise-based PhD in Glass Art and the experience of participating in more than 20 exhibitions across Europe, Anna’s inspiration flows as naturally as her bespoke tile designs will fit into your existing interior spaces. 

And as the leader of a company who’s mission is to work as sustainably as possible by using recycled materials wherever they can, we don’t even need to feel guilty for splashing out on a custom-made design, either. Talk about a win-win… 

We chat to Anna to find out more about Patternum Tiles, whether padded wall tiles are worth the hype and to discover the secret to timelessly stylish interior designs. 

What’s Patternum Tiles all about?

Patternum is an artisan tile company, specialising in creating repetitive and artistic patterns of irregularly and regularly shaped tiles. Nowadays, the tile market offers an extensive selection of designs in various materials. However, most of these tiles are still produced in square or rectangle shapes. I saw the opportunity to take it a step further and create customised-shape tiles and panels to create more personalised interior design features. All our tiles are made to order, giving us the flexibility to customise the shapes, sizes, colours, designs and materials for each of our clients.


The main ethos of your brand is craftsmanship. Can you talk us through how you make your tiles?

Initially, we look at the space and discuss particular project needs – e.g. colour schemes, desired materials and designs. The client can select a pattern from our existing collections or a new bespoke design can be created for them. To make the decision process easier and to envisage the designs within the space, we offer a 3D digital visualisation service, too. We also provide the chosen material and tile samples before the manufacturing can begin.

The tiles are created in either glass, fabric, leather, or faux leather, or combinations of various materials. Each material requires different skills sets to be transformed into tiles, but the common approach is that they all are hand-cut precisely followed by the life-size technical drawing. Each tile we make is 100% handmade, then quality checked and arranged in larger panels for easier transportation and installation.

Typically, how long does one design take to create?

The production timeline is project-specific and depends on the scale of the project, the design of the pattern, and the chosen types of tiles and materials. We aim to create our made-to-order tiles in approximately 4–6 weeks, but we’re always trying to finish the project earlier, if possible.


You mentioned working with fabric, leather and faux-leather as well as glass. Do you have a favourite material to work with?

Creating our patterns using various materials and achieving such versatile results is one of the most exciting parts of our business. The immense variety of materials available on the market allows us to realise our most unusual and wildest ideas. It’s hard to choose which is my favourite material, because while the material for us is a means of expression, it’s the creation of the pattern that’s the main part of the business.

Each of the materials has unique qualities, but all of them offer the flexibility of possible shapes that we can create. Glass with its shininess and reflective qualities is a very beautiful material, but it requires specific skills and knowledge to work with. The padded tiles upholstered with fabric, leather and faux leather take longer to create, but offer even more choice of material and thus greater opportunities for experimentation. Every project is special to us, no matter which material we use.

We do pride ourselves in working with mostly recycled and environmentally-friendly materials and always keep looking for new materials and solutions to improve our environmental footprint.


Padded wall panels are a fairly recent interior décor solution and are getting more popular thanks to social media. Why do you think this is?

Customers are always looking for new ways to decorate their homes. The padded panels bring luxury and glamour to an interior space, which explains their increasing popularity among proud homeowners. But as well as their aesthetic qualities, the panels also provide an excellent soundproofing quality, which can be enhanced by including recycled acoustic foam in each panel.


Do certain materials suit specific rooms in the home?

There are many materials and combinations that can be used in the creation of wall panels. Silk or velvet panels bring a sense of opulence to a luxurious bedroom, say, but leather would enhance dining or cinema room interiors. Faux leather panels, on the other hand, would be the ideal material solution for entrance halls and kids’ rooms. The best thing about the padded tiles is that they blend in with traditional and contemporary interior design styles, whether it’s a complete renovation or an accent addition to an existing space.

What inspires your designs?

My main inspiration for creating the tiles is the will to create something that makes people feel special in their environment and adds uniqueness to their interior spaces. It’s great to create tiles in such a way that they’re noticeable with their pattern but, at the same time, they’re also in perfect harmony with the whole interior.

My artistic sources of inspiration come from the natural and urban settings that surround my own life. I love long walks in woodland spaces and along our beautiful coastline, which are each full of textures, patterns and colour combinations. On the other hand, structures of urban architecture, especially contemporary architecture that’s designed leaving building structure exposed, is an enormous source of inspiration to explore. I love to take a lot of photos of patterns or shadows on surfaces and transform them in pattern design using geometrically shaped pieces. Every tile, bit by bit, is carefully set in place to tell a particular narrative for the space it’s created for.

What would you say is the key to a timelessly stylish design?

It comes down to a combination of traditional materials and contemporary designs which, joined together, achieves an aesthetically pleasing look that can withstand the test of time. I always keep this in mind when designing our patterns, as I want them to transform the plain walls into stylish centrepieces that can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Is there a dream space you’d love to design tiles for one day?

From residential to commercial properties, every space has something that makes it exciting to work with and finding the best solution can be challenging but also very satisfactory. However, one of the dream projects would be creating the designs for a building with multiple areas and rooms, offering the opportunity to create different designs with a common theme.

What would you say to encourage our readers to try Patternum Tiles?

We offer extensive knowledge of the materials, skills and experience in the creation of our one-of-a-kind patterns of tiles. This allows us to provide our clients with personalised guidance during all stages of tile making – from design, material selection to installation and maintenance. But, most importantly, we love helping people who want to enhance the aesthetic charm of their properties and who aren’t afraid of adding authentic design features to their interiors. We definitely add a personal touch to the whole process!


Fancy finding out more about how Anna and the team at Patternum can help you reinvigorate your interiors? Visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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