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Want to shop sustainably this Christmas? Bath House is home to the perfect skincare and fragrance gifts

Here’s how this natural artisan beauty brand has managed to reduce its use of plastic by over 90%.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 04.12.2021

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According to research, around 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging will be wasted in the UK this Christmas.

Choosing a Christmas gift is hard enough, never mind trying to be sustainable while you do it. That’s why Bath House is on a mission to encourage all of us to live a more sustainable lifestyle, reconnect with nature and improve our health and wellbeing through their natural skincare and fragrance products.

Behind the beautiful Bath House beauty products lies a creative team of artists and designers who live and work in the Lake District. Passionate about art, design and poetry, they capture the beauty of their home in every one of their bottles, through high-quality, evocative aromas made with pure ingredients through artisan production.

But, like other beauty brands who contribute to a whopping 120 billion units of packaging every year, Bath House knew 2020 was the time to take action and tackle their plastic waste. Their solution? Introducing new packaging. They’ve swapped their plastic bottles to aluminium and glass ones that are easy to recycle, reuse and can be refilled with their refill pouches, making them a perfect way to reduce post-Christmas waste. Helping the environment whilst purchasing high-quality artisan beauty products that your loved ones will adore – you’ve got nothing to lose!

‘It’s not easy for a small brand like Bath House to change direction like this in order to become more sustainable,’ says founder Abigail. ‘This kind of change inevitably costs money and might take a little time for our customers to adjust. But if, as a society, we’re really going to make the changes to help the environment, it’ll take a big commitment from all of us.’

Refillable pouches of body wash and lotion (that use 85% less plastic you’re your conventional bottle) are available online, so you can top up your favourite product and make your skincare or fragrance bottle last a lifetime. But what happens to the refillable pouches, we hear you ask? Bath House works with TerraCycle who recycle the used pouches into outdoor furniture.

But it isn’t just the packaging that Bath House have been focusing on. All of their natural ingredients are eco-certified with the added bonus that they’re good for our skin and improve the quality of their fragrances and perfumes.

‘We’ve always been very strong on the packaging side of things but also very passionate about the quality of what we make, the ingredients we use, and its benefits to the skin,’ Abigail says. ‘While rebranding, we have focused more on creating a new style of packaging with a much more stripped-back, functional aesthetic that is attractive for its simplicity. This new look has helped to reinforce a stronger link between what is inside the bottle and what it is as a product.

‘On all our packaging, we have applied clear, simple messaging in order to be transparent, open and honest about what we make how we make it. So, on the front of every bottle the message “Natural, Vegan, Sustainable ” and “Made in Cumbria” is very clear and now, on the back, we show all our ingredients, as well as refilling or recycling information.’

Looking for the perfect gift this Christmas? Bath House’s elegant but simply designed festive sets bring together their customer’s favourite natural skincare and fragrance products, made and filled into smaller bottles and jars.

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