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HLN x Decote Loungewear – Lust List Takeover

Whether to give us confidence during sport or just for chilling at home, good loungewear is important. If it’s stylish, too, then that’s always a bonus…

Written by Becky Hardy
Published 10.12.2021


Decote Loungewear started with a feather. To them, a feather symbolises love, protection and unity; it creates a sense of peace and comfort and is believed to mean that a loved one is watching over you. This idea of finding strength and positivity in something small is where the ethos for Decote started.

In a different way, loungewear also brings a similar kind of joy and comfort to many of us – something we all realised during lockdown! Whether it’s feeling confident in our movements during sport or exercise, or simply being comfy in our own homes, the right loungewear can have a huge effect on our happiness and sense of wellbeing. And so, these two features came together and Decote Loungewear was born.

With as much of a focus on style as they have on comfort, Decote’s luxury loungewear collections – which include leggings, hoodies, vests, and other clothing suitable for women and young girls – have been designed with unity, power and positivity in mind.

Want to know our favorites from their collection?

Visit Decote Loungewear

Tracksuit Hoodie and Joggers – £50.00

Knitted City Leggings – £29.00

Sports Leggings – £29.00

Yoga Leggings – £32.00

Pullover Windbreaker – £39.00

Oversized Hand-Knitted Beanie – £15.00

Cross Neck Hoodie – £39.00

Kids Workout Vest – £18.00

Kids Sport Leggings – £23.00

The Unity Sweatshirt – £25.00–£30.00

For more information about Decote Loungewear and to shop the collection, visit their website or follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram

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