How using something as simple as the breath can save us over the holidays

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? The answer is quite literally under your nose…

Written by High Life North
Published 10.12.2021

Oh the Christmas period! It’s full of so many emotions; there’s highs, lows, calm and chaos all served in equal measure at this time of year, but isn’t that life in general? Do we need to add more stress to Christmas by examining the ways in which it’s ‘too much’ each and every year?

What if we switched it up this time? What if we started telling ourselves it was going to be beautiful? Stress-free and slow-paced…

What if we got to choose?

“If you can’t change your circumstances, change your perspective.”

I say it’s time to take back control; to slow things down, simplify, stop catastrophizing and let’s take it upon ourselves to control whether Christmas is chaotic, or calm.

How, I hear you say?

(The answer is quite literally under your nose).

“Each breath is like a little rebirth, a renaissance that can only be celebrated if you recognise that it’s happening” – Cristen Rodgers

The breath sounds so simple at first, that we often underestimate its power, but actually, it’s the most underrated tool and form of medicine we have to use.

Think about that moment after a really stressful situation, we stop, close our eyes and take a deep sigh as a form of physical and mental relief, right?

Now think of the times you’ve been in immense pain, what do you resort to? The breath.

It’s what we turn to in times of desperate need, yet we so often forget to use it throughout our day-to-day lives as a way to control our experience. (And what’s more…taking a deep breath (or three!) also has to be one of the most underrated feelings too!)

It’s delicious! I invite you to take one right now and tell me I’m wrong.

So, when can we use the breath to help us take back control?


With our ever-growing to-do lists, trying to wrap up work commitments and juggling the Christmas prep, our work life can gradually get on top of us and lead to a build-up of stress. Taking a few deep breaths before we enter the office or using breath-work between tasks to reground, can slow us down internally and help us move through the day with a greater sense of control.



This can be a big one, from organizing kids, to dealing with difficult family members or even facing old wounds, family can often bring about the biggest challenges around the festive period, so it’s important we create a safe haven inside of ourselves for those moments we start to feel triggered. Try using the breath as an anchor when you start to feel yourself getting ‘reactive’ so that you create space between what you think and what you say. You can event try tensing your core in these moments as a physical reminder to ‘come back into your centre’ – don’t put pressure on yourself to speak or say, just bring your awareness inwards and take a few deep breaths by yourself, before you reply or react. If you can start to master your reactions and your emotions, you will learn how to leave any situation with your integrity intact.


Social events 

From social anxiety, pandemic anxiety or political conversation anxiety!..going out and simply having a good time can be more difficult than it should be these days. If you need a time-out, take yourself to the bathroom and come back into your center with a few deep breaths, if you’re struggling with crowds or big groups, just noticing your breath will help bring you back into the present moment, and if politics do arise, just know that you can mindfully breathe your way through the conversation and observe, if you don’t want to get involved.



It can be a real test to balance the numbers over the holidays, from buying gifts, to attending events, and of course keeping up the investments we have to make in ourselves to stay well, finances can become one of the most fragile factors that can tip us over the emotional edge, so keeping composed is vital. Breath-work can create more space inside of us which can lead to deeper levels of clarity, which can lead to making more conscious choices. If you struggle with spending, try connecting to your breath more mindfully throughout this time; it relaxes the blood flow and gets more oxygen to the brain which will replace your money madness with money wisdom. Creating this space inside will help you think more creatively around spending, whether that’s on yourself, events or others. Keep it calm, keep it composed, keep it conscious.

So to wrap up, anchoring yourself with the breath is the best way you can come back into your centre whenever you’re starting to feel out of control this festive period, using deep breaths will help you create more space between reacting and responding around people (keeping interactions as positive and light as possible), and using breath-work techniques to rebalance our internal vibration overall, will bring about a sense of slowness and calm, throughout what could be (but doesn’t have to be) a pretty chaotic time!

If you’re not familiar with breath-work and you’d like to try a quick and easy flow, check out my video below and feel the difference for yourself.

Connect with me

If you’d like to learn more about how to use the breath, feel free to do some of your own research that resonates with you personally, or follow my Instagram @jasminedaweshealing to hop on to some of my LIVE sessions – I run weekly ‘Wind Down Wednesday’s’ on my platform and will be running a ‘Self-Reflection Sunday’ on HLN’s Instagram this evening at 7pm. This will help you journey inwards, find some calm, and breathe your way back to a state of balance.

I’m also running a ‘Feel Ready For 2022 – Online Workshop’ on Wednesday 29 December, which is an introduction to the Into The Light Program (An 8-Week Online Breath-work and Mindfulness Journey  To Take back Control Of Your Life).

This taster workshop is designed to help you create a self-ceremony space, in the comfort of your own home, to close the book on 2021 with an abundance of love and gratitude while setting deep and meaningful intentions for the new year ahead, all around powerful breath-work, deep meditation, and transformative self-reflection. This will leave you feeling ‘completed’ on the year, totally prepared for a new chapter, and fully empowered to step foot into your best year yet.

If you are thinking about taking part, in the next Into The Light program (next launching on 9th January) this is a great chance to get a taste of what to expect, plus all attendees will be gifted a 15% discount on the program.

If that’s not for you but you do want something to kick off a good start to the year, this may be the perfect space.

You can purchase tickets here, feel free to gather some friends for a ceremonious evening, cook yourself a beautiful dinner, or grab a bottle of wine and some bath salts to make the night feel extra special; the energy you put into this is the energy you will get out, so this workshop is an invitation to carve out some time just for YOU, before the real festivities arrive!

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