Opinion: I went to see a psychic medium – and everything they said was wrong

And actually, I feel quite relieved. Here's why.

Written by Laura Kingston
Published 29.01.2022

Have you ever been tempted to visit a psychic medium?

It sounds pretty appealing, right? An opportunity to connect with deceased loved ones. A chance to get some guidance on how your life is going to turn out?

It’s been on my bucket list for a long time and this January I decided to take the plunge and book a session.

Here’s the thing. I’m a believer. I was really open to it. In the past year, I’ve really embraced meditation, crystals, reiki and tarot readings. I believe in the power of the universe, manifesting and the law of attraction. I consider myself to have a strong spiritual connection. So a psychic medium seemed a natural progression, right? Wrong.

After parting with £40.00 via an automated booking system, during my half-hour session my psychic medium (who came highly recommended) got 0% right about me and my life. I mean 0%, not one single thing reasonated.

But I’m not disappointed. I’m actually quite relieved. Here’s why.

Full disclaimer here. I’m fully aware that psychic mediums are unregulated. I’m not saying all are bad, or wrong. I’m sure lots of people have stories about great readings where they had messages from loved ones, things that no-one else would know. I’ve heard these stories myself.

But what I didn’t expect was to be given solid direction on what I ‘had’ to do in my life. Including:

‘You need to move offices, it’s too dark’ – we have an entire wall of windows

‘You need to get rid of the woman with short hair in your life’ – really?

‘You need to change the focus of your magazine to astrology to be successful’ – do you even know what my current magazine is about?

There were more. Far more personal, far more direct and hard-hitting.

Let’s be honest. You don’t often go to a 1:1 psychic reading unless you’re looking for a certain level of guidance in your life. You’re opening up a vulnerable side of yourself which is looking for direction.

My biggest concern coming away from my reading, was that if she had been right about maybe even a couple of things, I would be starting to think about this ‘direction’. Playing on my mind, affecting my life. After some googling, I found MANY stories about people who had divorced, broken-up long-term relationships, stressed about not being able to have children and left jobs, all because their psychic told them to.

Maybe those people are fools for listening. Crazy that they let a psychic have such a profound effect on their life. But surely, on the other hand, psychics shouldn’t be allowed to give such direct advice to vulnerable people in unregulated circumstances. Imagine if therapists did that?

Let’s start with the seance.

I was hoping to get a message from someone close to me who was deceased. Now, not wanting to give much away, I was vague at first. Leading to a confusion that meant I was getting ‘messages’ from a specific person who is very much alive. Awkward.

Not to be thrown off by a bad start, I tried asking her to connect with other family members that are actually dead. After a few older generation names that didn’t have any link – Betty etc – we landed on a George. A loose link OK, but we do have a dead George in the family. Apparently, he’s telling me to get a greenhouse and he’ll put money into it. Not exactly the message I was hoping for.

I was close to both my paternal and maternal grandmothers. If anyone was going to come through it would almost certainly have been them. I’m sure they’d relish the opportunity to tell me what they both think about my current life and give me a message. I can’t help thinking that if this particular medium had the power to connect with spirits, they’d be there. One thing is for certain, George wouldn’t.

The guidance

This was a part of the experience that I actually wasn’t expecting or prepared for. I had thought the whole half-hour would be around trying to get messages from the spirit world. But actually, this was probably the most unsettling part of the whole experience.

Because, I felt, after garnering information about my life from the seance, they proceeded to give me clear and obvious ‘facts’ about what my future has in store. Not guidance, no maybes.

‘You’ve lost a little girl’ – no, I haven’t

‘You’re feeling very maternal’ – no, I’m not

‘You’re going to have a son in the next two years and can write about parenting’ – children aren’t in my plan

‘You need to stay away from women called Kelly’ – oooook

Again, many more and much more personal. but essentially, I felt like they’d just taken the fact that I’m a 35-year-old woman and tried to poke at what might reasonate. Nothing felt related to me.

And this is why I’m relieved. 

Because I can write the entire thing off as a bad experience and forget about it all. I’m not going to be lying in bed at night thinking about my unplanned son’s arrival in the next two years. I won’t panic about whether I should let people with certain names in my life, or move offices (maybe we need two walls of windows?!).

The problem is the industry is growing. I receive regular emotive YouTube adverts promoting the app Kasamba where you can pay anything between £1-5 per minute to connect with a psychic and get a reading through the app. In 2007 Britons spent an estimated £40m on ‘spiritualist services’ according to the Office of Fair Trading. – a figure which I can imagine has only increased.

So my warning, from my personal experience – be careful. Book from a miscellaneous email address and don’t give too much information away during booking. I know I’d have been swayed differently if even 5% of it had resonated. I still had to ring my friend and my mum after leaving the session to have some rational conversation to write it off.

Each to their own, but if you’re feeling vulnerable, my advice would be to try other holistic therapies first. And work with people who guide, not tell.


This is an opinion piece based on my own personal experience. If you’ve had a similar or different experience, I’d love to hear it. You can email me directly at [email protected].

Additional reader comment:

I saw the same reader for years and she was amazingly accurate. After one reading, we were chatting as I put my coat on and I said I was surprised she hadn’t mentioned my imminent house move. She looked at me in the eye and said ‘you aren’t moving’, which was puzzling as I was signing the papers the next day, deposits all paid.

On my drive home, my solicitor rang, I pulled over to take the call, my buyer had unexpectedly dropped out and had just rung them.

It was 2 years before I found another one!

She also accurately predicted how and when I would meet my future husband, down to the date, we’re getting married in March. It sounded ridiculous but all happened as she said.

She warned me about a disaster at work, which made no sense at the time, but events ended in me being off sick for months and nearly losing my job, she’d advised me to leave which looking back, would have been the best thing I ever did.

There are dozens of other examples over the years, big and little things, but she was rarely off the mark, saying and knowing things that nobody but me or very close family could know.

I can’t explain any of it, It’s just my personal experience. She certainly had some kind of ability to ‘tune in’ to a person.

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