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How we can support the people of Ukraine

Feeling helpless? Us too. Find out ways you can help make a difference.

Written by Laura Kingston
Published 26.02.2022

The press and social media showing scenes from Ukraine this week are heartbreaking. Innocent people like you and I have had their lives turned upside down – facing death, separation from loved ones, homelessness and a lack of human rights overnight.

It’s hard to relate to as many of us sit in our warm homes reading the news. How can we help? It feels hopeless.

We’ve pulled together a range of ways you can help, from donating to the Ukraine Army or hospitals, supporting charities giving aid, or writing to your elected officials.


British Red Cross – Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Your donation could help someone affected by the crisis get access to food, water, first aid, medical supplies, warm clothes and shelter. Donating is easy and quick via card or PayPal.


UNICEF – Protecting Children in Ukraine

More than half a million children have already been affected by the conflict. Homes, schools, water supplies and hospitals are damaged, and landmines are posing huge threats to children’s lives. UNICEF is also concerned for thousands of children who have become separated from their families.

DONATE NOW – Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

Many Ukrainians are being forced to flee, both within the country and into neighbouring states. Over 100,000 are reported to be displaced already, with thousands more fleeing into neighbouring states. Poland has estimated that it could receive up to 1 million refugees. None of these people will have access to basic necessities and women and girls, in particular, could be at risk of exploitation. Making an emergency gift can help the charity provide critical aid.



Ukrainian Army

Donate directly to raise funds for logistical and medical support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Payment is via BACS to the bank account of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.


Support Hospitals in Ukraine

Hospitals in Ukraine are under immense strain. Doctors have been doing a consistently heroic job, but are in dire need of more trauma-related equipment and surgical tools. This charity supports Ukrainian hospitals with vital medical equipment and supplies shipped from the US.


Support Independent Ukrainian-English Language Journalism

Journalists on the ground in Ukraine are vital for helping us understand how the crisis is impacting the country. Support publications like the Kyiv Independent, which is also a useful resource to find out what’s happening on the ground.



Write to your MP

Writing to your MP can put increased pressure on our Government to act. This could include welcoming Ukrainians who need sanctuary into the UK, for example.


Join a Rally

If you feel safe to do so, this website lists official ‘Stand with Ukraine’ rallies happening across the world. It can be filtered to UK only and will be updated regularly with details of each event.



Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom

An older documentary from 2014, this Netflix documentary gives an insight into the start of the crisis when a peaceful student demonstration became a violent revolution.

Laura Kingston, High Life North Magazine
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